Bathroom Suites – Save Money and Co-ordinate Your Bathroom

Co-ordinate your Bathroom Suites

Buying a new bathroom suite offers a way to save money and co ordinate your bathroom perfectly with matching fittings. No matter what the budget is you are redesigning your bathroom on, the conversion of a mediocre suite into a luxurious elegant one doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The main contributor that will change the appearance of your bathroom is the suite, so it’s pretty important to get it right. A bathroom suite mainly consists of a basin, toilet and bath. Whether you are revamping the main bathroom or a cloakroom or en suite, the options of shape, size and style are endless.

Modern suites tend to follow the contemporary and minimalist feel with immaculate finishes and smooth edges. However, traditional bathrooms are always becoming increasingly popular too with the Victorian period inspiration and a definite classical, luxurious feel.

Depending on if you are looking for a bathroom suite that is simple and practical or something more complex and impressive, choosing the right style for your home is key. Your bathroom can be designed to reflect your personality and lifestyle. A contemporary minimalist suite adds a real modern touch to the home whereas a traditional suite would add more of a classic, Victorian feel.

If you are looking for a traditional bathroom style, then roll top baths, full pedestal basins and crosshead taps add a unique, classic style as well as a luxurious bathroom experience. If you are opting for a modern suite, then stick to neat and tidy white finishes with glossy chrome taps. This is also a good idea if you only have a smaller space available as it reflects light and makes any space seem much larger. A shower bath combination is also handy for a smaller space, offering both bath and shower options therefore adding value to the property and keeps floor space available for other important bathroom fittings.

No matter what you choose, probably the most important thing to remember is to get a qualified contractor in to fit your suite. No matter how much you spend on your suite, it can all be ruined if its fitted incorrectly or not exactly how you want it.