Small bathroom with toilet and shower in gray tones

Bathroom Suites for Small Bathrooms

People long to create a sumptuous feel for their bathroom to help them unwind after daily stresses. Modern bathroom design lends itself well to us being able to create a spa-like environment for our own bathroom spaces with the generous range of bathroom suites items available. Think of the whirlpool baths and walk-in shower enclosures that you would find in the most elegant hotel rooms. Yet they are now becoming commonplace in our own bathroom. With advances in bathroom suites for small bathrooms, these luxury items are now available for a range of different spaces.

Bathroom Suites for Small Bathrooms

Not all of us have the luxury of a large bathroom area. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a fabulous bathroom space and have the relaxing room you dream of. Modern bathroom design ensures even the smallest of bathrooms can fit an indulgent bathroom suite. Space-saving design is developing massively for small bathrooms, with lots of top manufacturers offering ‘compact’ ranges plus corner toilets, basins, baths, and even shower enclosures. These will help to maximise the space in your bathroom by utilising the unused area of a bathroom. Here at Bella Bathrooms, we have a wide range of options that will create the perfect bathroom suite for even the smallest of bathroom spaces.

What Designs of Bathroom Suite Items are Available for Small Bathrooms?


Baths are essential to family life and the smaller dimensions of these baths mean you will fit a bath into your bathroom suite without compromising on your bathing experience. The range of small baths we stock definitely illustrates the point that small certainly doesn’t mean lacking in luxury! We have a number of regular shaped baths in differing styles that are built to smaller dimensions. This enables you to include a bath in your bathroom design even if you don’t have the largest room. In fact, all the shapes of bath you can imagine (including free-standing!) are available in more compact versions. There are two styles of bath which we supply that perfectly team size and function.

Small Baths

Space saving bath installed in a small bathroomThe Moods Space Saver Bath is a regular shaped acrylic bath at one end and reduces in to less than 500mm at the other end. However, there is nothing regular about this small bath! You can choose to add a screen if you would like a shower bath.


As with the range of baths, the design of small toilets won’t be lacking in modern touches. Therefore giving your bathroom a contemporary feel despite their smaller size. Corner toilets are popular to allow space for larger versions of other bathroom suite items such as a generous basin. Wall-hung toilets will help to create the illusion of more space in your bathroom – they do this by freeing up more visible floor space, while back to wall toilets will create a more minimalist look in your bathroom.

Small Toilet Designs

One of the smallest toilets available Both RAK and Tavistock offer small toilets which will suit a variety of modern bathrooms. The RAK Series 600mm Short Projection Toilet takes up a minimal amount of space in your bathroom. Its geometric lines are very on-trend. Tavistock’s Q60 Short Projection Toilet has a similar straight edge design and both have a total projection of 600mm. These stylish toilets will fit neatly into even the most compact of bathrooms. Both of these manufacturers offer close coupled versions in a more smooth curved style if this will suit the theme of your bathroom suite better.

The RAK Compact Close Coupled Toilet and the Tavistock Micra Close Coupled Short Projection Toilet are both elegant small toilets which will look classy in your bathroom. All of these compact toilets have dual flush cisterns and soft closing seats. Adding a feeling of luxury to your bathroom suite. Small in size but definitely not small on style, these toilets will help you achieve those vital few inches in your bathroom space.


No bathroom suite would be complete without a suitable basin. The space-saving designs have been developed into the choice of basins available. Wall hung basins and semi pedestal basins will help to create the illusion of more space in your smaller bathroom. A decent corner basin can also help to maximise the available space in your bathroom. We stock a wide range of small basins in every style imaginable to suit the theme of your bathroom.

A small toilet and wall hung basin in a cloakroom

It is important when you choose a small basin that you make sure it is going to still function efficiently for the people using the bathroom on a daily basis. It is very easy to get drawn into some of the small dimensions of basins available to allow more room for other suite items. However, these can be more suited to a cloakroom where the basin is only used to wash your hands. The Frontline Blok Square Basin has a narrow width yet has an all-important generous basin area. This makes it ideal for a smaller family bathroom.


A growing trend in modern homes is for people to create a separate shower enclosure in their dream bathroom. This had led to the development of different shapes and styles of shower enclosures and showers trays to allow this in even the smallest of bathrooms. In fact, here at Bella Bathrooms, our suite package deals now offer showers too. We even have packages that exclude a bath such is the growing popularity of a shower.

Shower Enclosure Sizes

One of the smallest shower enclosures available installed against a wall For small bathrooms to afford this luxury, more compact shower trays have been created that take up minimal floor space. The smallest size we offer is the 700mm x 700mm shower tray Allowing you to fit a small shower enclosure into the corner of your bathroom. If you prefer the smooth curved front of a quadrant shower enclosure to complement your bathroom suite then these are available in shower tray sizes ranging from 800mm x 800mm,

Bathroom Suite design is becoming more flexible so that the smallest or most awkward of bathroom spaces can become deluxe bathroom areas. We have a large choice of bathroom suites for small bathrooms here at Bella Bathrooms. This means that your small bathroom can be both functional and stylish, fitting any theme you wish for your dream bathroom.