Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom Tile Designs


When you choose your bathroom tiles design it is down to you because there is no set tile you need to have in your bathroom with the suite you decide on. It is a personal choice when it comes to picking your tiles so make sure that you choose something that is attractive and safe to walk on because it should be water resistant. Tiles can be made from a range of materials such as laminate, vinyl, ceramic, stone, concrete and many more. Tiles can be dangerous when they are wet so make sure that you choose a tile range with a non-slip finish on them.


When you choose your tiles it is always a good idea to decide which section of your bathroom is going to be tiled or if not all of your bathroom.  It is easier to decide on the tile to match the bathroom suite you have than to match the suite with the bathroom tiles. This is more important if you decide that you want the tiles design around the whole bathroom. This is often the case why people just choose a white tile but I suggest being slightly more adventurous. If you want to have a surround behind your basin or bath tub then why not get a tile design which stands out, it can be done as easy as picking a colour which is bright and welcoming. If your bathroom does not get a lot of natural light then it would be a good idea to look into lighter coloured tiles if not using white to maximise the potential for a lighter bathroom.


When you plan out your bathroom deciding on a theme and style will make life easier when you choose the tile design. An example would be a traditional country bathroom could have a slate tiles for the floor and for the wall you could use a more earthy feel by using certain colour tones. Another example would be the colonial bathroom theme which is set as black and white checker board tiles. The tile size is important because there are many tile designs and they all come in different sizes and shapes.


If you want the bathroom tiles to give your bathroom the finishing wow factor which is always desired for then why not choose to use glass tiles. These are often the more expensive option for tiling your bathroom but it is always worth the extra cost. Everyone wants their bathroom to be a new experience every time they go in, so commit yourself to spending the time designing your bathroom and which tiles you would want to use. If you need a little extra help with selecting the perfect tiles for your bathroom then you might be interested in our buyers guide to tiles blog.