Bathroom Tile Ideas

hd-ditto-tilesThere are a lot of tiles to choose from and they all have their own reason for being different. The prices of the tiles have different price ranges and they become higher when the tile has been made from a particular material which costs more to produce into a tile. Tiles are useful because if you choose the right colour, size, shape and pattern it can finish the bathroom look off. The tiles can have effect on the room itself because it can help to make the room look smaller or bigger just by the tiles you have chosen. Read on to find out more about our range of bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

V&A-tilesOften people think that when you’re tiling it’s a choice between either your floor or the wall in your bathroom, but there is a few other tiling ideas which are often used to create a back splash or a focal point like a beautiful design on the floor or wall. When you think you’re about ready to pick your tiles make sure you have considered all the factors of the tile and their location. The location of the tiles needs to be considered because if the bathroom is small and has a small amount of light getting to the room, then using light coloured bathroom tiles will give the bathroom it’s much needed luminosity. When you come to choosing your colour it is important to take into consideration of the bathroom fixtures, like the bathroom vanity cabinets, sink and the wall mirrors.

Bathroom Tile Designs

statement-black-and-white-damaskIdeas for your bathroom often come from bathrooms you have been in before and like the style of, so this is why there is a lot of people who use popular porcelain or ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles can be used in any room in the house but using them in the bathroom is useful because they can be used if you wanted under floor heating. Ceramic tiles are also typically very scratch and frost resistant. Ceramics are often used because of their impeccable durability, resistance to dampness and they are a lot easier to walk on when there wet because you get a slip-resistant surface. Also people often choose these tiles because they are easy to clean. An idea would be to use the same colour tile on the floor and wall because you could then use a different border to separate the colours. Laying the tiles in a different direction would create a better visual look to the bathroom. 3D-tilesA good idea would be to select a grout colour to match the tiles and that contrasts with the tile colour. As an example using a white tile could be infused with a dark red grout to emphasise the white tile because it would stand out and be different, which a lot of people look for when they design their own personal bathroom space. When choosing your tiles it would be a good idea to use bright and bold colours, and then use fixtures on the walls to mix in the modern side of the bathroom.

You will be amazed at the vast selection of bathroom tile ideas.  If you need a little more help choosing the right tiles for your bathroom space then check out our Buyers Guide to Tiles blog.