Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles


At Bella Bathrooms we have a wide range of bathroom wall tiles available in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and shapes. There are many things to look out for when buying new tiles for your bathroom some more important than others depending on the location of the tiles. When buying bathroom tiles it is important to look for types which are durable and offer a high level of water resistance such as ceramic or porcelain tiles. Along with the practicality of them you will also have to look for the colour, size and pattern which you want to make your bathroom personal.

When tiling walls within your bathroom these areas are likely to be in a ‘wet zone’ near a bath or in a shower. This is why it is important to choose tiles which are water resistant, easy to maintain and durable as these tiles will have a lot of wear and tear. Ceramic versions usually come as a glazed tile which adds better protection; this also means that the tile becomes more slippery when wet so be careful with the placement. Due to the fact that ceramic tiles offer the best protection and are easier to maintain than natural stone tiles, ceramic styles are rapidly becoming the number one choice for bathroom walls.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles also come in a wide range of colours and patterns meaning that you can create any look you want within your bathroom. Using certain colours will have certain affects on your bathroom, for example using light colours such as white will allow more light to reflect within your bathroom making the room feel bigger than it is. This effect is increased further if you have a modern white bathroom suite to reflect the light too. Using solid colours which remain the same throughout your bathroom will also have this affect. If you want your bathroom to be stylish then using a tile design with graphics on will allow you to create an image which will become the focal point of your bathroom.

If you are looking to get really creative in your bathroom then mosaics are available in countless colours and materials. Mosaic tiles gives your bathroom a personal and unique look as they allow you to design and position them as you wish. Mosaics are perfect for tiling rounded areas of your bathroom as there small size means they can be shaped around objects. They are also a lot easier to install than most people think as they mostly come on a sheet which can be placed onto the wall.

Buying tiles for your bathroom is entirely down to you just make sure that you have an idea how you want your bathroom to look and how much you are going to spend before you buy. Feel free to take a look around Bella Bathrooms with our wide range of tiles we are sure to have the right tile for you.

If you would like some further assistance in choosing the ideal ones for your bathroom space then check out our Buyer’s Guide blog post.