Bathrooms of the Future: 5 Predictions

Bathroom of the Future: 5 Predictions

Have you ever wondered what our bathrooms of the future will look like; what new technology will be executed, what hi-tech features future generations will enjoy while they shower? In years to come, water may be a substance in short supply and engineers may have to find new ways to design showers, toilets and baths to accommodate. Who knows what shape or form modern bathroom suites will take? The traditional utilitarian bathroom may radically change to incorporate new cultures and concepts. Here are a few ideas from designers for what futuristic bathrooms may have in store:

What might we see in Future Bathrooms?

Bathrooms of the Future

Interactive Mirrors

Getting ready in the morning for the busy day ahead, or in the evening for a big night out will become an interactive experience. Designers are already developing bathroom mirrors which can connect to social media sites so people don’t miss out on any gossip while getting ready. Going further into the future, experts predict it will be possible to make calls to family and friends through these mirrors, as people long to be connected 24/7. The interactive elements could go even further, for example for the ladies it could provide helpful tips on how to apply make-up or create a certain hairstyle.

Transformed into the Beach

Designers are always looking for new ways to make a more relaxing environment in our bathrooms for a sensual experience. Well realistically it can’t get more sensual than stepping out of the bath or shower onto soft sand, warm stone or crunchy snow. Using new haptic technology, bathers would be able to programme their flooring to replicate whatever they would like to stand on. This incredible technology has the power to transport the body and mind to a peaceful, warm beach on the other side of the world in your very own bathroom.

Reclining Showers

The shape of shower enclosures is set to evolve, so people can enjoy a relaxing lie down whilst being sprayed with water jets. A futuristic steam shower has been designed with a unique shape, featuring a reclining seat facing the shower head and giving the overall feel of a space shuttle – relaxing or not?

Digital Bathroom

Most items we use on a daily basis are now digitalised, so it is no surprise that elements in the bathroom will be following in the digital steps of other technologies. Showers and baths will come with a digital menu, where users will be able to control the flow of water or the temperature of the bath. Showering and bathing facilities will also come equipped with options to alter the entire experience, with built in mp3 players and lighting settings to control music and the overall ambience of the room; perfect to adapt to different moods.

Waterproof Media Centres

In the over-dependent technological world we live in today, many of us use the bathroom as an escape from the digital realm. However, it seems technology is about to make an appearance into the last available room of the house in the form of waterproof media centres. People will be able to watch television and access the internet whilst relaxing in the bath, and stay connected with the outside world while they get ready for the day ahead.

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