Bathrooms on a Tight Budget

Bathrooms on a Tight Budget

The bathroom is conventionally the smallest room in the house, but is one of the spaces which can cost the most to completely remodel.

Luxury bathroom suites, toilets, showers, basins and baths can be amongst some of the more expensive pieces of household furniture making a total revamp a costly endeavour at first glance.  Which? Estimates that the average bathroom cost is £3000 but cautions that the actual figure can be much higher – which can be daunting if you’re on a tight budget. The good news is that there are lots are ways in which a bathroom can be completely remodelled without breaking the bank. Here at Bella Bathroom we have an extensive range of affordable yet luxurious bathroom suites.

Bathrooms on a Budget

Guide to Buying on a Budget

This guide from Bella Bathrooms, the fitted bathroom experts, offers tips and advice on how split up a budget and invest in key pieces as such bathroom vanities with integrated sink and storage, a smart square easy plumb shower tray, unusual taps or a large bath and then compromise in other areas such as avoiding wall to ceiling tiles to keep both the bank and the bather happy.


One of the best ways to instantly update a bathroom and give it a high-end, luxurious spa feel, is to invest in new taps. A mixer tap for the bath and two separate taps for the basin is recommended, and with a vast range of different colours and styles to choose from, there is undoubtedly a fixture that will suit any interior. Stylish silver gives a minimal, modern feel, whilst adding a touch of gold makes the room feel regal and fit for royalty.

Shower Heads

Showerheads are also another way to make a bathroom feel more like a luxury hotel than a semi-detached and are inexpensive to buy and easy to fit;  a rainfall showerhead is of the most refreshing ways to take a shower and is pleasing to the eye thanks to designer-esque shapes and oversized dimension. If you have the room, fitting double showerheads not only makes the most of a spacious shower cubicle, it can also add value to a house.

Novelty Shower Curtains

Novelty shower curtains, delightful as they are, do not spell ‘luxury bathroom’. Bin the nylon curtains and invest in either a glass shower cubicle or a glass partition at the side of the bath.

Bath Screens

Bath screens are easy to install and simple to keep clean, and they remove that element of novelty that comes with having a zebra print shower curtain because it was the only one that matched the décor.

Heated towel Rails

Features such as heated towel rails are also a great investment when budget is tight but design is high on the wish list. Whilst not strictly replacements for radiators, these rails heat towels for use straight after showers or baths, and they also look incredibly stylish in doing so. If there is room in the bathroom, install a vertical towel rail with plenty of storage for multiple towels at any one time.


Clever light is also essential in the bathroom; spotlights and down lights are a great way to illuminate the whole room. This is an important factor for the room in the house which traditionally has the least windows and can transform a dingy, dull bathroom into a space flooded with light. Lighting has the power to transform a space and is cheap to get right. For an added element of opulence and grandeur, a small chandelier style fitting placed over the main lighting fixture can make even the smallest of bathrooms feel like a den of extravagance and luxury.