Steel Baths Vs Acrylic Baths

Steel baths or acrylic baths? It’s the modern day question that every bathroom designer is guaranteed to come across when choosing a new bath. With the huge range of bathroom suite products available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which to opt for. To get your head around the two, we’ve compiled this useful guide to help you choose a style that is best for your bathroom and your budget.

Steel Baths Vs Acrylic Baths?

Acrylic Baths

Free Standing BathManufactured from a sheet of acrylic, this style of bath is both sturdy and cost effective. They are generally reinforced with a wooden or steel support frame. This is then sprayed with a fiberglass coat for extra reinforcement. If you’re on a budget, modern acrylic baths are a fantastic option. The straight forward manufacturing process lends itself to mass production and bargain prices. Thanks to the flexible nature of the material, the best acrylic baths are available in an array of different styles, shapes and designs to suit all interior decor tastes. If you hate the initial chill of bathroom suites you will find acrylic baths are also warmer to the touch. This will ensure that your winter bath time soaks are shiver free! Acrylic baths are also renowned for being non-porous which means they are easy to clean. Furthermore they are less likely to house mould, bacteria and soap scum. Any scratches can also be easily polished out which keeps them looking sparkly and new for longer!

Steel Baths

Steel BathsIf you’ve got a little more cash to throw at your bath, a steel design is both a practical and luxurious option. Finished with an enamel coat for hygiene and durability, high quality steel baths are strong, resilient and scratch/chip resistant. Unlike acrylic which is susceptible to fading and discoloration, premium quality metal baths are resistant to UV light. Plus harsh cleaning chemicals which keeps them looking at their prime for much longer than their acrylic counterparts. The non-porous nature of steel makes cleaning easy and while it is initially colder to the touch, steel is an efficient heat conductor and will soon warm up when it comes into contact with hot water. If you want to create an eco-friendly home, a steel bath is the ideal option. Unlike acrylic which is manufactured through the burning of fossil fuels, steel is a 100% natural raw material. In addition it can be recycled with minimal impact on the environment.

The verdict?

Single Ended BathThere are upsides and downsides to both, however if your budget stretches, steel will generally last longer and most importantly, is environmentally friendly. That said, acrylic baths are fantastic value and look great. They will leave you with some extra cash to spend on a stylish bathroom suite and accessories. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are pleased to offer both types of baths in a variety of different shapes and sizes.