Bathroom Planning: Before you buy your bathroom…

So you’ve finally decided to treat yourself and your family to a new bathroom. Congratulations! But before you go online and sift through all those gorgeous bathroom furniture collections and brand new full bathroom suites, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first. Moods KanukaFor instance, are you fantasizing about a spa-type environment i.e. somewhere you can relax and shut out the cares of the day? Or, with a big family, is your bathroom more about function than form? Your answer will directly affect the items you’re going to be online searching for. That’s because today you can buy raised WCs for easier access, wall hung basins which allow access to a toddlers makeshift steps, and neat corner units to let you roam more freely in your bathroom to name a few considerations. Read on to find the 10 most important things to bear in mind when creating your dream bathroom.

Top 10 Most Important considerations when Planning a Bathroom:

1. Is your plumbing a high or low pressure system?

Powered ShowerIt’s not a very interesting question to pose in comparison to choosing the design of your bathroom, but it is crucial to know. Different water pressure systems will affect the type of showers you can install for instance, as well as have a bearing on your heating plans. In a nutshell, combi boilers tend to be high pressure and the older-fashioned hot water tanks in airing cupboards are usually low pressure. Modern bathrooms are showing a growing trend for people to include a luxurious shower enclosure even at the expense of a bath and there is now a generous variety available to meet this growing need. Our range of showers and their unique designs will match a variety of bathroom designs.

2. What kind of style would you like?

Tall CabinetsYou’re spoiled for choice here since bathroom furniture and bathroom suites come in a whole range of design ideas. You could go ‘period’ style for instance with a roll top stand alone bath and Victorian taps. This would also work for a shabby chic or country-style look. Then there are minimalist bathroom furniture ranges and suites with rimless WCs and a built-in bidet or, if you’re looking for a bit of colour in the smallest room in your home, think statement furniture. There is a never ending variety to bathroom furniture now and you can find a statement piece to create a wow factor no matter how big or small your bathroom space is!

3. Does ‘green’ and eco-consciousness matter?

Tavistock Kobe

If so, there are plenty of modern dual flush toilets to choose from to cut back on your water use and, happily, your bills. Planning on getting an illuminated mirror? Then consider one with LED lighting which is 80 per cent more efficient than ordinary incandescent bulbs and 50 per cent more economical than fluorescent tubes. Many modern baths these days are moulded in such a way that they require less water to fill.

4. How much space do you have in your bathroom?

Wall Hung VanityIf you’re a bit pushed for space then consider wall-hung furniture and suites. These leave plenty of storage space underneath and actually make the bathroom appear larger because your eye can roam round the walls more freely. Wall Hung vanity units are a perfect solution as they provide you that extra storage too meaning you can keep your bathroom essentials tidied away. It’s also possible to purchase corner shaped wash basin vanities and even toiletss – again saving lots of standing room. Both wall hung and corner shaped units are perfect for en-suites and cloakroom bathrooms they create the illusion of more space due to more floor being visible.

5. What type of taps would you prefer?

Wall Mounted Taps Again, tap designs have come on leaps and bounds within the past decade or so. Most wash basin taps these days are monobloc mixers (which are reliant on high water pressure). These are more space-saving than the traditional two pillar taps. Then again, you could be a bit different and opt for wall mounted taps. Or how about sensor taps which come on after detecting movement? Some LED taps will even light up with the colour indicating the temperature of the water.

6. Have you considered a space saving shower bath?

Shower Bath There are plenty of clever combined bath/showers around these days which offer the option of a bath and a shower without taking up too much room in your bathroom. Shower baths have increased in popularity as they let those of you with a smaller bathroom have the pleasure of both a bath and a shower option. Shower enclosures come in such a selection of shapes they’ll fit into most bathrooms and many have easy-clean glass panelling as well as a variety of ‘smart’ functions such as lighting and music speakers.

7. How do you like your shower?

HR Genie ChromeMost of us are big fans of the power shower (which works well with low water pressure) but these days there’s also digital showers and shower towers with jets (you can buy pumps to boost the water pressure). Shower heads comes in all shapes and sizes and can produce an eco-friendly soft rain effect as well as that of a torrential downpour (a twin-jet showerhead) Some are even equipped with ‘smart’ lighting. If you need to boost your water pressure to allow you a more luxurious shower then our fantastic range of shower pumps will provide you with the ideal solution.

8. How big a bath will you get?

Decadence Bath Freestanding baths tend to be larger than your typical acrylic wall-sided versions but a bath doesn’t have to be on its own to be luxurious. Whirlpool baths can fit into most modern bathrooms for a home hydrotherapy treat, corner baths are excellent for smaller rooms and double-ended baths means luxuriating without the inconvenience of taps. There is a vast range of baths to choose both in terms of size and style.

9. How are you going to heat your bathroom?

Black Towel Rails Underfloor heating in bathrooms is becoming increasingly popular (no prizes for guessing why with the fashion for tiling and laminate flooring). Column radiators are both functional and striking design-wise, often becoming the focus of a bathroom while heated towel rails are another sought after and frequently spotted sight in many bathrooms these days. Choosing the perfect heating for your bathroom can be an important decision as a luxury bathroom can’t be enjoyed if it is cold and unwelcoming.

10. Fancy some mod cons?

Sound Systems Well, we live in the modern society and technology is designed to make life easier for us so why not use it? Many cabinets these days come with easy-closing drawers and doors, toilet seats have soft-closing lids and there are those sensor-operated illuminated mirrors and taps we mentioned earlier. And that’s just the start. Folks, it’s all happening in the bathroom these days and you will be amazed at the technology on offer across our range of bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Planning – Considerations

Planning your bathroom is the most important stage when refurbishing a room. Knowing how much space you have available is extremely important and can determine the things you can and cannot buy for your room. Knowing placement for key items such as basins, toilets and showers is a key aspect that you must consider. Having key statistics such as room dimensions are a necessity and creating a blueprint of how the room will look is a good idea to ensure no issues are caused if product too big has been purchased. For smaller rooms, consumers should only purchase items of low size to avoid cramping space. Home owners should consider standing space as this is vital for those wanting easily accessible stations to use functions effectively. Consumers should focus on items they need in the room and then add smaller, less useful products if space is available.

Example of planning a room

Bathroom Plan Elements contained within a suite also need to be considered. For example, if a user needs to place electrical items in a room, space must be implemented between the electrical device and bath/shower for key health and safety factors. It is also vital that the height of items has been considered as low a roof can easily obstruct certain items from fitting in the suite. When considering size, specially designed cloakroom products can be bought from bathroom stockists to help create as much room as possible. For those with a wider scope of space, larger variants of items such as Wet Rooms are an option and are guaranteed to provide an excellent showering experience.

Bathroom Planning Guide

Once your bathroom is complete you will be glad you to the time with your bathroom planning. Taking your time to plan it out thoroughly beforehand will mean you will reap the rewards later. For further inspiration check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds for regular updates on what’s new in bathroom trends and products this season.