Bella Bathroom’s selection of Shower Enclosures

Glass Shower EnclosureWe at Bella Bathrooms help you to select the perfect type of shower enclosure to suit your style and design you are looking for. Bella Bathrooms' collection of Shower Enclosures come in a wide range of designs, sizes and shapes chosen from a large variety of manufactures. The type of shower enclosure you can buy will depend on the size and layout of you bathroom and the availability to select a large or small sized enclosure needed within a room that his highly used and has a large priority within a household. As the shower enclosure is decided on the style of door it contains, it is important for you to choose the appropriate one for your own bathroom. The different door styles include hinged, bi-fold, sliding door and a pivot style feature.

Along with various luxury shower enclosures we also stock a wide range of cheaper styles that may suit you if you have a tighter budget. Although the price is lower, the quality of the product is not and the range is still very wide for you to choose the suitable product for your bathroom. Alike the luxury shower enclosures, panel sizes have a specific size that allow you to pair with acceptable and effective shower tray to fully complete the look and style.

Overall one of the main features within a bathroom is the shower due to its high usage, our wide range will enable you to find the perfect choice for you and we can guarantee there will be a style and design to help achieve this.