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Fabulous Roll Top Bath Ideas

There’s no feature quite as grand as a roll-top bath in a luxury bathroom. In fact, we would argue that if luxury is on your agenda, a free-standing roll-top bath is a must-have. Any bathroom interior can incorporate a free-standing bath too. Whether you want to create a classic aesthetic or you have more of a contemporary style in mind, choosing the right roll top bath can complete the space.

There are many different bath ideas scattered around, including claw-foot free-standing baths to dual-ended, deep iron bath designs for couples to share. If you’re seeking inspiration for your own master bathroom, read on. Below we’ve included some of the most stunning roll-top baths available at Bella Bathrooms to help you decide which is best for your own room.

Whether you want a traditional model or an updated option with a modern touch, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect bath for your space. You’re just a few clicks away from finding your dream bath!

Top 10 Roll Top and Free Standing Baths

Looking to find the perfect free-standing bath for your own family bathroom? The selection of baths available at Bella Bathrooms ensures you can find the right bath for your own home.

1. Frontline Knightsbridge Aluminium Effect Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1700 x 740mm

Material: Aluminium

A free-standing bath design doesn’t need to be a classic white colour as shown with this Frontline Knightsbridge aluminium effect bath. If you’re not a fan of a walk-in shower, you can go all out with this beautiful feature.

While the tap doesn’t come included, this free-standing bath can easily be contemporary or classic. This bath is sure to complement any modern or classic room and can be paired with similarly coloured tiles too.

If you’re looking for a cast iron bath alternative, this could be the model for you. With its metal-like finish, the model looks striking while bringing about class.

2. April Skipton Double Ended Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1700 x 750mm

Material: Acrylic

Next on our list of stunning free-standing baths, we have the April Skipton model. Bringing about a traditional style, this tub is ideal if you want to achieve a Victorian look in your own bathroom space. The feet maintain a classic shape and look stunning against a tiled floor.

A move away from a classic cast iron bath, this option still keeps many of the charming classic detailing. With its curved shape and simplicity, it’s a firm favourite.

You can choose from a range of different finishes depending on what you want. This timeless roll-top bath shape is a beautiful focal point for any bathroom.

3. Hudson Reed Winterburn Roll Top Bath with Shower Screen

Size: 1500 x 745mm

Material: Acrylic

This beautiful bath shower is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best of both worlds in your bathroom suite space. The Hudson Reed Winterburn free-standing bath is luxurious while celebrating the classic style of free-standing baths.

No bathroom is complete without a tub and this option allows you to choose from a selection of lengths and feet styles too. Not only does this model look beautiful but it is guaranteed to complete the room with its 2-in-1 practical fittings.

A move away from the cast iron styles and updated wonderfully, this neutral option has been updated to make it a fit for any bathroom. And, the addition of a shower screen makes it that extra bit more practical too.

4. Hudson Reed Richmond Low-Level Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1700 x 750mm

Material: Acrylic

This opulent black Hudson Reed Richmond bath is a real statement-maker. If you want to create a bold look in your own bathroom, this could be the free-standing bath to do the job. Beautifully designed, this model coupled with patterned floor tiles exudes absolute elegance.

The traditional ornate claws on the tub keep to a traditional style, while the darker colour updates the tub instantly. This is an ideal model for just about any space as it can be paired with a range of tiles to create the look that you desire.

As one of the most on-trend bath ideas, you can create the monochrome bathroom of your dreams with this tub as the focal point. The free-standing bath’s curved shape and contrast of a white interior are nothing short of stunning.

5. Moods Richmond White Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1690 x 740mm

Material: Acrylic

Sometimes simplicity is key in executing a breathtaking bathroom interior and the Moods Richmond bath proves so. This neutral white option keeps to a classic aesthetic, making it a sophisticated centrepiece for a traditional bathroom furniture style.

Crafted from the highest grade acrylic, not only does this bath look beautiful but it also offers guaranteed longevity too. With the traditional features you’d expect, inclusive of chrome claw feet, this bath deserves to be celebrated in all of its splendour.

For anybody that is a fan of traditional styling when it comes to free-standing baths, this all-white option is a solid choice.

6. Burlington London Round Soaking Bath

Size: 1690 x 740mm

Material: Acrylic

Bringing about an indulgent and lavish style to any bathroom, the Burlington London free-standing bath is larger than most free-standing baths. Offering plenty of depth, the model comes with a rolled edge to create a modern look with a nod to traditional elements at the same time.

The dual-ended bathtub is sure to become the dominant feature of any bathroom space and has a unique look with a contemporary twist.

Add a stunning free-standing tap from Bella Bathrooms to the bath to complete the look and bring about a decadent edge.

7. Royce Morgan Crystal White Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1680 x 720mm

Material: Acrylic

The Royce Morgan Crystal White free-standing bath pays homage to the traditional cast iron design with an updated touch. With a larger-than-average slipper size and an authentic vintage look, this bath will certainly bring about elegance in its setting.

Decorative claw feet allow the bath to stand elevated, making it a showstopper in any bathroom. Even better, the neutral white colour can be paired with any style of floor tiles.

Made from high-quality acrylic, this model is easy to maintain, unlike a cast iron option. It ensures that you can still relax and enjoy the classic design with less of the maintenance involved. For any traditional bathroom, this choice is ideal if you want a neutral and minimal model.

8. Royce Morgan Chatsworth Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1680 x 720mm

Material: Acrylic

When it comes to choosing a free-standing bath for your own bathroom, options are abundant. The Royce Morgan Chatsworth model, however, is a great fit for a small bathroom space.

With exaggerated claw feet and a traditional roll-top finish, this bath is sure to add to the home decor in the room. While this bath isn’t as large as others, it still offers ample space and depth to enjoy a relaxing soak.

Available in both black and white, you can choose to create a classic monochrome bathroom or go for something entirely different. The slipper bath comes with a tap platform on one end which is defined for extra appeal and allows you to choose from a range of taps to finish the fixture.

9. April Kildwick Dove Grey Back-to-Wall Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1700 x 750mm

Material: Acrylic

Though a grey colour scheme may not be the obvious way to go when choosing a bath, the April Kildwick model shows just how luxurious the tone can be. Perfect for all types of bathrooms, both modern and classic, this is one of the most stunning bathtub ideas and is sure to create a focal point.

Designed to be fitted flush to a wall in your bathroom, this is the ultimate space-saver making it suitable for a small bathroom too.

The traditional shape is reminiscent of the classic Victorian era, while the dove grey tone brings about an updated and peaceful touch. Made of high-quality materials inclusive of durable acrylic, this is a great option for many different bathrooms.

10. Burlington Windsor Double Ended Free-Standing Bath

Size: 1500 x 750mm

Material: Acrylic

Finally, we present you with the beautiful bath by Burlington Windsor. A unique focal point for any bathroom space, the contrast of black claw feet against pristine white make for a bold statement.

The double-ended tub comes with a flat top which brings about a stylish finish to any home and the look is completed with remarkable detailing. You can choose from a range of claws to complement the overall design and the style you’re creating.

This quintessential model is sure to bring about a period look in your home that will remain as classic as ever. With contrasting tones and features that are one-of-a-kind, this tub is special in all ways.