Space Saving Toilets For Small Bathrooms

Small Toilet Space saving toilets are ideal for those compact bathroom spaces. When it comes to designing our dream bathroom not all of us have the luxury of a large bathroom space to fill with a lavish bathroom suite. So what can those of us with limited space do to avoid certain items dominating the space or restricting the space left for say a bath or a separate shower? The toilet is a bathroom necessity but isn’t always high on our list as the bathroom item we want to take up much space in small bathrooms.

Thankfully due to modern design small toilets have been designed to fit these smaller bathrooms. The addition of a more compact toilet to your small bathroom means that you have more space to treat yourself to other bathroom suite items and possibly even squeeze in that much craved separate shower enclosure. Modern bathroom design has developed a number of space saving toilets to help you achieve those vital extra inches in your smaller space.

What Types of Space Saving Toilets are Available?

Small Toilets

Don’t be fooled these are not the tiny toilets that you find in primary schools they are full size toilets with the most minimal dimensions. The dimensions of these toilets are smaller than average in the areas that are less important to the user such as the cistern and pan areas. These smaller toilets are still available in a wide range of styles and have luxury features they just simply have smaller dimensions to save you those vital extra centimetres in your bathroom.

RAK Series 600Short projection toilets also work on the same theory – they feature shorter projections than average toilets so that they don’t protrude as far into the bathroom. This saves you vital space in the most confined spaces. We particularly like the RAK Series 600 Short Projection Toilet as a good example of this style of toilet. Its neat modern look is matched with contemporary touches such as soft closing seat and dual flush proving that a smaller toilet need not mean lacking in luxury finish.

Corner Toilets

Corner ToiletsAdding a corner toilet to your small bathroom is ideal as they utilise the unused area of your bathroom. They sit neatly into the corner of your bathroom and are already a popular choice in en suite and cloakrooms. We think they are an ideal way of gaining extra space in smaller bathrooms as they give you flexibility when designing the rest of your bathroom space. They are also perfect for more unorthodox bathroom spaces.

Take a look at the Moods Micro Space Corner Toilet which is a popular choice from our corner toilet collection. Its beautiful smooth lines will allow this toilet to fit seamlessly into your bathroom. Team your corner toilet with a corner basin and you are giving yourself even more space in your bathroom area.

Back to Wall Toilets

Square Back to Wall ToiletThis style of toilet is great if you are trying to achieve a minimalist look for your bathroom and of course the more simple a space is the more spacious it will look. The Cassellie Square Back to Wall Toilet is a good example of a flush to wall finish that helps you stop the toilet from dominating your bathroom space. The hiding of the cistern helps to create a spacious feel in your bathroom and gives you more space to move around the room.

Back to Wall ToiletIf you’re fitting out a bathroom that is particularly small, a wall hung back to wall toilet is a great way to save further space. The lack of bulky cistern means it can be placed in close proximity to other bathroom furniture while the visible underneath flooring will also create an illusion of a more spacious room. However the one downside of the back to wall toilet design is you will need to factor in the area for the concealed cistern nevertheless with a little strategic planning, this can easily be done.

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall Hung ToiletFor the ultimate in space saving design choose a wall hung toilet – not only are they more compact but they create the illusion of extra space within your bathroom as the floor beneath is visible. This creates the look of a floating toilet which is again minimalist and very contemporary.

RAK Metropolitan Wall Hung ToiletThe RAK Metropolitan Wall Hung Toilet is a very modern chic toilet that will really fit in to a variety of small bathrooms. This look won’t be to everyone’s taste but matched with a wall hung basin or vanity unit you can really create a feeling of spaciousness with this design in the smallest of bathrooms.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a large range of space saving toilets perfect for those of us looking to gain those extra inches in our smaller bathrooms. All these different types of small toilets are available in every style imaginable from the most modern chic design to beautiful traditional pieces. The best toilet for you is dependent on your own bathroom space and personal preference of how you want to design your bathroom space and of course personal preference of the style that will best fit your small bathroom.