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Best Two Person Bathtub: Tubs for Sharing

Sharing a bath with your loved one makes for a relaxing experience; replicating the atmosphere of a high-end spa by lighting some aromatic candles for a soft glow, over-indulging on the high-end scented products, and having soothing music on in the background is the perfect way to unwind.

We’ve put together a guide on how to find the best baths for you and your partner, one that will correspond with your suite items and provide you with the indulgence you deserve. We’ll start by giving you an overview of the available styles and then explain why you want your own double-ended bath for you and your significant other. Following this, we have selected five of the best-shared baths we stock on our site, as well as a few of the considerations you’ll want to bear in mind before purchasing your dream model and our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to taking the plunge and fitting a shared tub in your own home.

Wall-Hung Tubs vs Free-Standing

Let’s take a look at the two main forms of two-person bathtubs: the wall-hung tub versus the free-standing bathtub. The key distinction between the two is that, whereas a wall-hung unit will be fitted to two or more walls to create a luxurious corner bathtub, a free-standing tub will, as the name suggests, stand-alone away from your bathroom’s walls.

Wall-Hung Tubs

Both practical and sensible, a wall-hung tub is a popular choice in bathrooms thanks to its space-saving design. Suited to contemporary decor, a wall-hung bathtub will usually be selected to complement the bathroom’s existing suite items and colour palette. Ideal for rooms that are limited on square footage, wall-hung tubs can be fitted into tight spaces as a corner bathtub would and come with the added bonus of easily becoming a combined bath and shower; install an enclosure, screen, or curtain around the tub and fit a wall bracket for a mixer tap with a shower wand like the Frontline Modo Mixer Tap for an indulgent showering experience.

Unlike free-standing bathtubs, you can decorate the surrounding walls your corner bathtub sits flush against in order to match its style; choose between tiles and acrylic panels for a stylish and water-resistant finish.


  • Wall-hung tubs are generally more affordable than their free-standing counterparts, particularly when you opt for an acrylic bathtub.
  • As wall-hung tubs sit flush with a wall as a corner bathtub, they use the floor space available efficiently.
  • The plumbing is more straightforward than a free-standing unit and can be concealed under the tub.
  • As they’re fitted against walls, a wall-hung or corner bathtub only requires you to clean the outward-facing sections and the inside rather than the entire outside and the underneath.


  • The placement of wall-hung tubs won’t be as flexible as would be the case with free-standing versions, as they’ll need to be positioned against your bathroom’s walls.
  • Of course, this comes down to personal preference but the wall-hung bathtub lacks the unique elegance of the statement-making free-standing bath.

Free-Standing Tubs

Neutral Colour Palette bathroom

The free-standing or roll-top baths are a popular choice among those doing renovation work. Designed to fit both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, free-standing tubs make a statement and have a luxury feel about them.

Standing non-contained as a focal point, free-standing tubs have all sides exposed and provide the luxurious bathing experience you would expect from a grand hotel. Available in a range of designs and styles, you can opt for a vintage rolled-edge tub or one a little more modern with eye-catching curved lines and a waterfall faucet. Unlike wall-hung tubs, you’ll be limited in having a combined bath and shower when you install a freestanding bath.


  • A free-standing unit can complement almost any style thanks to its versatility; from a period-inspired roll top tub to a modern egg-shaped design, you can be infinitely more creative when choosing a free-standing bathtub.
  • Often associated with opulent hotels and high-end spas, free-standing tubs are an affordable suite item that allows you to experience extravagance in your home.
  • As you won’t have to worry about sealing, mounting, and installing a water-resistant surround, you’ll save on hiring a decorator and contractor.
  • Unlike with a wall-hung tub, you won’t be restricted with the placement of your free-standing bathtub; it can go anywhere from the centre of the room to under a windowsill.


  • If you’re looking to really optimise your square footage by having a combined showering and bathing unit, then you might find having a free-standing bathtub a little less practical. That being said, some may come with a small hand-held shower wand which you can use for rinsing off.
  • As there isn’t a ledge to store your shampoos and candles, storage isn’t as accessible regarding free-standing tubs.

Why should I buy a two-person bathtub?



Buying a two-person bathtub has several benefits; they save time, lower your heating bills, and allow you and your significant other to experience a moment of shared relaxation where you can unwind together.

Saves time

If you’re tight on time in your household, having a two-person bathtub will mean you can share your bath with your partner and not have to wait for the other to finish. A shared bathtub will provide the two of you with a calming experience where you can spend more time together after a long day of working; gone are the days are sitting alone while the other bathes, waiting for your turn.

Lower heating and water bills

By bathing together, you and your partner will save on heating and water bills by sharing an enjoyable hot bubble bath together. Rather than filling and emptying your tub with hot water twice over, you’ll only need to fill it up once.

Shared relaxation

A two-person bathtub is perfect for a moment of shared relaxation; you’ll both have the time and freedom to unwind together. Fill your tub with bubbles, light your scented candles, and turn on the massage jets for a luxury spa-like experience together.

The 5 Best Shared Bathtubs for a Quality Bathing Experience

Here you’ll find a handpicked list of our favourite two-person tubs, each with a description and an explanation of why we love it.

April Kildwick Back-to-Wall Free-Standing Bathtub

Description: The luxurious April Kildwick Thermolite Back-to-Wall Free-Standing Bathtub is a double-ended bath with soft curves to allow for plenty of room for bathing. Thanks to its advanced thermal properties, the water temperature will be retained for long periods of two-person shared relaxation. Offering a variety of styles of feet, you’ll be able to select a style which best matches your bathroom’s decor.


Length: 1700 mm

Width: 750 mm

Why We Like It: We love this two-person bathtub because of its elegance; the roll-top edge paired with its curved lines make for the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. You can be sure of the quality of this bathtub, too, as you’ll be provided with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee with your purchase.

Frontline Holborn Double-Ended Free-Standing Bathtub

Description: Our second pick is the Frontline Holborn Double-Ended Free-Standing Bathtub; finished in graphite, the contrasting colour scheme of the outer body and inner sections blend a modern style with a period-inspired design. Depending on your personal preference, you’ll also have the option of fitting a matching plinth. Constructed out of acrylic materials, this is one of the most durable, high-quality bathtub options you’ll come across.



Length: 1800 mm

Width: 800 mm

Why We Like It: This model is one of the best because of its classic shape; it is an eye-catching focal point for the most modern of spaces through Victorian-style decor. This versatile two-person bathtub will really bring your bathroom together. To make your experience all the more indulgent, Frontline will also provide you with the option of installing massage jets in their products – check our website for more details.

RAK Washington Cappucino Free-Standing Bathtub

Description: Next up, we have the RAK Washington Cappucino Free-Standing Bathtub. With a contemporary, egg-shaped design, this bathtub provides optimum comfort for a two-person bathing experience. The subtle cappuccino colour boasts refinement, while the high-quality resin ensures long-lasting durability. This is a modern take on the classic free-standing bathtub, perfect for luxurious long soaks and would work well with a contemporary waterfall faucet.


Length: 1560 mm

Width: 810 mm

Why We Like It: This double-ended tub is ideal for professional couples looking for a shared period of winding down together after a day’s work. It is one of the most luxurious and practical models we stock on our website. Projecting warmth throughout the bathroom, this functional yet stylish bathtub will provide you with that all-important spa-like indulgence experience.

April Eppleby Thin Rim Free-Standing Bathtub

Description: Another of our favourites is this April Eppleby Thin Rim Free-Standing Bathtub; by positioning it against a wall, you’ll be able to transform your bathroom into something you would expect to see in the most expensive of hotels. Featuring a gently curved design with a thin rim and a pristine white colour, even the most confined spaces will feel more open and airy. If you’re looking to maximise the square footage available, this bathtub could be ideal for you thanks to its space-saving back-to-wall design.


Length: 1700 mm

Width: 750 mm

Why We Like It: While most free-standing tubs won’t prioritise efficiently using space, this bathtub is a real exception. By positioning this free-standing tub against a wall, you’ll have the best of both worlds; the space-saving qualities of a wall-hung bathtub combined with the unique appearance of a free-standing tub.

Frontline Chic Luxury Double-Ended Bathtub

Description: Our final choice in our list of the five best two-person tubs is the Frontline Chic Luxury Double-Ended Bathtub. Suited to any sized room, this contemporary tub comes with Frontline’s option of adding LED light detailing or a whirlpool feature. The simplistic, clean lines complement the pristine finish of this double-ended bathtub and will work well with a variety of modern suite items.


Length: 1700 mm

Width: 700 mm

Why We Like It: We love the minimalistic aesthetic of this acrylic bathtub as it allows for flexibility in terms of the suite items it can be paired with. Offering some of the very best technical features to create a spa-like experience while bathing, you’ll be able to have jets fitted for a whirlpool effect or integrated LED light detailing to mimic a hotel’s jacuzzi tub.

Considerations for buying a two-person Bathtub

Whether you’re seeking the elegance of a jacuzzi-inspired corner bathtub or the functionality of an acrylic bathtub designed to maintain the water temperature for long stretches of time, there are a few things to bear in mind when finding the best two-person model for you.


First, you’ll want to select a model matching your home bathroom’s decor. Naturally, this will vary from person to person but whether you want a sleek, modern theme or something which mimics the antique-inspired look of a traditional bathroom, there are two-person models to suit a variety of aesthetic preferences.

For a modern bathroom, opt for a bathtub such as our April Anston Thin Rim Freestanding Bathtub; its contemporary lines, elegant silhouette, and gentle curves will make for an eye-catching focal point in any bathroom. Alternatively, if you’re putting together an ornate, Victorian-inspired bathroom, perhaps the Hudson Reed Alice Round Double Ended Free-Standing Bathtub would be best suited to you; this comfortable yet regal double-ended bathtub will work well among other traditional suite items.


Regarding the dimensions of the perfect two-person bathtub, you’ll want to look for a unit measuring approximately 1500mm-1800mm x 700mm-800mm. Select a double-ended bath, as this will mean the taps and plug are positioned in the centre of the tub, with both ends sloped to allow for two people to bathe together.

Bath/Showering Combos

To make the most of the available space, you can also enhance your showering experience by opting for combined bathing and showering fixtures. In most cases, you’ll be better off choosing a wall-hung bathtub if you want to double it up for showering.

Installing a combined unit is a practical solution and can feature a shower wand attached to the wall over a bathtub, or alternately, you can install a fixed shower head over the top of the bath. There is a range of screens to suit your bathroom’s decor, so you won’t have to worry about it looking out of place.

To find the best shower wand for you, look at our range of mixer taps, including spa-inspired models such as this Cassellie Fazenda Mixer Tap.


You want your two-person bathtub to be long-lasting and durable and for this to be the case, you’ll need the material used in its construction to be the best.

Made using either fibreglass or acrylic, plastic bathtubs are a popular choice and they do a good job of maintaining the water temperature for long periods of time. You can also find models constructed out of enamelled steel; while these are a sturdy choice, you’ll find that the water temperature will drop a lot quicker than would be the case with plastic materials, as steel conducts heat. A traditional claw-footed free-standing bathtub will be made out of cast iron, similarly coated with enamel; they’re effective at keeping the water temperature up and resistant to any impact, thanks to the thick enamel coating.


The shapes that two-person bathtubs come in vary across the board. A straight bathtub is the most standard of shapes, however, for a relaxing soak in a double bathtub, we would recommend one with curved ends; having the elegance of rounded edges will provide your back with a comfortable and supportive rest, making for the perfect shape to unwind in.

Double-ended models will be the best for both people as they are designed to accommodate more than one bather at a time and feature identically shaped ends so that you can face each other. With backrests at both ends and taps fitted in the centre, gone are the days of one person being subjected to the cramped and uncomfortable “tap end”!


We have used our expertise to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding finding the best two-person bathtubs. Whether you’re looking to find the best jacuzzi tub fitted with massage jets or simply some information on the dimensions you’ll want to look for in a soaking tub, we’ve got the answers to all of your questions.

What is the best 2-person jacuzzi tub?

If you’re after something a little more modern, going for an indulgent whirlpool tub might be best suited to you! We have a range of whirlpool baths that can bring the benefits of a luxury spa’s jacuzzi into your home. You’ll be able to choose from a number of different jets or choose a deluxe whirlpool bath. The Frontline Luxe Luxury Corner Bathtub can be customized using Frontline’s jets and whirlpool options; choose between 6, 8, 10, or 12 jets, a deluxe whirlpool system, or an underwater chromotherapy LED lighting system in a range of different colours.

Can two people fit in a soaking tub?

Deeper than the average bathtub, soaking tubs are designed to provide its bather with the most luxurious bathing experience. Taller in height than your standard model and capable of holding considerably more water, soaking tubs are well suited for more than one person to sit comfortably in. While some will have traditional claw feet, more contemporary units can rest directly on the floor and they can be free-standing, placed against a wall, or sunken into the floor.

What are the best soaking tubs?

We have a selection of soaking tubs, all contenders for being the best models you’ll find on the market. Our Burlington London Rectangular Soaking Unit and its twin, the Burlington London Rounded Soaking Unit, are high quality and easily accommodate more than one bather. Each acrylic bathtub comes in a pristine white colour which will easily suit other suite items to create a coherent look throughout your room. Both can hold a large volume of water, making them ideal for a relaxing soak at the end of a long day.

What is the best depth for a soaking tub?

As these suite items are designed for long, comfortable soaks, you’ll want them to be deeper than your standard bathtub. Whereas a standard unit will allow for around 30cm of water, a soaking bathtub should offer at the very minimum of 35cm so that the water covers most of the bather’s body. The best depth is obviously going to come down to personal preference but if you have 35cm as a minimum then you can choose a model that will suit your needs the most effective. For example, on our site, we stock the Burlington Brindley Double-Ended Freestanding Bath, which has an overall depth of 46cm, allowing for a generous amount of water to be contained within it.