Cleaning a wet room floor

Best way to clean wet room floor

To maintain a spotless bathroom, it’s important to keep your wetroom floor nice and clean. Read on for some expert wisdom on how to clean your wet room flooring!

Tips for keeping wet rooms clean

Here are our top tips for keeping wet rooms sparkling clean:

Clean up as you go

People often notice that their bathrooms get dirty very quickly. The best way to stop this from happening is to tidy up as you go. After every shower, give the flooring a wipe with a cloth or sponge and suitable floor cleaner.

It is important to make sure you have a non-slip cleaning cloth because you don’t want the floor to be too slippery, risking injury.

Shower screens also matter! They are an important part of most wet rooms and screens can get dirty quickly. For easy access, keep a glass cleaner and handheld squeegee nearby for a sparkling shower screen.

To make sure you stick to this cleaning regime, keep the shower cleaner and cloth/sponge next to your wet room so that you will remember to do it daily.

Keep the room ventilated

As cleaning products often contain a lot of harsh chemicals, it is very important to make sure you open your window when you are cleaning so that you don’t breathe in any nasty fumes.

In addition, make sure your extractor fan is switched on every time you have a shower in your wet room to also aid ventilation.

Fix problems as soon as possible

Everyone knows that the longer you leave a problem the worse it gets, and also the harder it is to resolve! Therefore, if you notice any issues in your wet room, make sure to fix them straight away as new wet room is an expense cost.

Tidy up regularly

You do not want to clutter up your wetroom. This will just take up space on your wetroom floor, meaning that it is harder to clean properly and easier for dirt residue to build up.

Prevent clutter by getting rid of shower gels and other items that you no longer need, and by putting your shower bottles back to where they belong after using them.

Cleaning your wet room floor

For top tips on cleaning your wetroom floor, read on!

To make it even easier, we have broken up the cleaning process into sections depending on each aspect of your wet room. Make sure you are using protective gloves to protect your skin.

Using a steam cleaner with suitable attachments for bathroom floors will help keep your tiles looking immaculate.

Shower drain

Most people know that the main culprit of a clogged shower drain is hair. To help with this issue, make sure to brush your hair before showering to avoid too much hair falling out in the shower.

Also, if you notice any hairs falling out during your shower, pick them up and set them aside, ready to throw them away later. This way they won’t reach your drain and risk clogging it up.

There are a variety of methods you can use to clean your shower drain. If the mess is visible, try using a hook and grabbing the clog itself. You could also try a drain snake – this works by breaking up or pulling out the blockage.

For general drain maintenance, you can either use boiling water to soften soap residue or invest in a drain cleaner. The latter option is a stronger solution that will dissolve tougher clogs.


It is very common for the grouting in your wetroom to get dirty over time. With a bit of elbow grease, you can get your grout looking brand new. All you need is a stiff brush and some warm water. Simply scrub in a circular motion and let it dry.

If your grout is still looking a bit murky, use a paste of baking soda and water. Cover the grout lines with the solution and scrub to reveal fresh looking grouting.


It is common to get watermarks and other dirt on your wet room floor. For tile cleaning, grab a mop and some warm water. Simply add a cleaner of your choice, and mop the tiles methodically to make sure you cover the whole area.

Alternatively, steam cleaners do the job very well and will leave your tiles nice and clean, getting rid of the toughest of stains.

How to clean the floor effectively

Here are some ideas on how to best clean your bathroom floors:

Use a bucket and mop

A bucket and mop is the easiest way to clean your wet room floor. Simply fill the bucket with warm water and a cleaning product, and wipe the mop against the wet room floor.

Get a good bathroom cleaner

A good bathroom cleaner is imperative to reducing water-marks and other build-up in your wetroom. There are so many products on offer, make sure you do some research to get the right one for your needs.

Scrub in sections

Something that is very important is to make sure you cover the whole wetroom. To do this, clean the floor in sections. This ensures that the entirety of the flooring is cleaned properly and saves time as you will know which parts have been done already.

Dry after scrubbing

It is crucial that you dry your tiles after cleaning, as this prevents the water from the mop building up and also means that it is easier to buff your tiles. Use a microfibre cloth in a circular motion on your tiles after cleaning to get them looking extra sparkly! If you don’t have a wetroom yet and you are in the initial stages why not read our post on how to make a wet room for tips and advice from our in-house experts.