Buyer’s Guide: Basins

How to Choose the Perfect Basin

Bright BathroomBasins are a fundamental part of any bathroom suite, but they can also be a key stylistic element too. A large, traditional basin has the potential to be the centrepiece of the bathroom. Whereas an understated contemporary wall mounted basin will have the opposite effect. Basins come in different types of shapes and styles to suit a range of different bathroom spaces. There are also numerous sizes to fit the most compact cloakroom or a lavish family suite. There is so much choice on the UK’s basin market today that choosing the perfect basin for your bathroom can be a mammoth task. That’s why Bella Bathrooms have created this comprehensive guide for you! We aim to help you decide which bathroom bathroom wash basin works best for you.

Basin types:

Full Pedestal

Full Pedestal BasinBasins with a full pedestal are very traditional and often emulate a vintage style. Pedestals stand from the ground to the full height of the basin. They will support the basin while masking any unattractive pipe work. Full pedestal basins are still extremely popular, and suit any bathroom style. However, they are better suited to larger bathrooms as there are now other modern options for cloakroom suites and smaller en-suites.

Semi Pedestal

Small BasinA semi pedestal is usually designed on a smaller basin, as this basin style is wall mounted. This half pedestal does not support the weight of the basin, but it still effectively covers unsightly pipe work. With a smaller pedestal and the wall mounted design, this basin is more contemporary in style. It will help to create the illusion of more floor space in smaller rooms. Semi pedestal basins can be useful for bathrooms with limited storage by utilising the space beneath the basin.

Wall Hung

Cloakroom BasinAs 21st century bathroom designs seek to become more and more minimalist, basins too have adapted. You can now buy a wall mounted basin without a semi pedestal, which gives a neat and coordinated look. We have a wide variety of wall hung basins, in all shapes and sizes to compliment a range of bathroom suites. Wall hung basins almost appear to float in the room which makes them particularly eye catching. In addition you have the benefit of more floor space beneath with this style too.

Semi Recessed

Semi Recessed BasinsLike the name suggests, these basins are often fitted into a unit with only part of the basin protruding. A semi recessed basin is carefully crafted to fit into ledges or shelves, making it look like a continuous part of the bathroom furniture. Semi recessed basins are ideal for any modern and stylish bathroom. They bring the added bonus of completely concealed pipe work too. Furthermore they create a seamless look for your bathroom and are a popular choice for use with vanity units.


Corner BasinsWhen you have a tiny bathroom, it’s important to utilise space as effectively as possible. By utilising the unused area of a room nothing is as effective as a corner basin. Available in wall mounted and floor standing variations, corner basins are a practical solution for cloakroom suites.


Compact BasinSimilar to the corner basins these basins have a compact design that makes them ideal for cloakrooms or en-suite spaces. Small basins are still available in a wide selection of shapes and style.  The only difference is they are simply produced to the smallest dimensions. They can be used in larger bathrooms too if you wish to dedicate more space to other suite items such as a more generous shower enclosure.


Counter Basin

For the ultimate contemporary design, a countertop basin which sits on top of a vanity unit is the supreme choice. All pipe work is hidden to ensure a seamless and minimalist effect.  You will find a large choice of stunning shapes and sizes to create a designer bathroom finish. Sitting on top of a worktop, storage unit or shelf, you can choose whether the basin fits into the surface or sits on top for a highly sought-after spa-like feel. Countertop basins create a luxurious and designer style in your bathroom.

Hopefully this guide will have helped you decide which basin type will best suit your bathroom. Now all you have to decide on is the style! Such is the range of basins here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident that you will find the perfect basin for your bathroom space.