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Buyer’s Guide: Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets Feature

Choosing a bathroom cabinet used to be a simple affair, as it was just a case of buying a practical storage space for above the wash basin or vanity unit. These days, bathroom design and a growing need to improve the décor in the often neglected room have led the way for an innovative approach to designer bathroom cabinet ideas.

Tall CabinetsIn the past you may have been forced to choose between functionality and style; fortunately this is no longer the case. A storage cabinet in the bathroom is vital for neatly keeping all those essential toiletries in order within easy reach. However, bathroom cabinets can also compliment other bathroom furniture in the room and the type of cabinet you buy can even have the power to enhance the space as a whole.

If you are refurbishing your whole bathroom and have started to think about the sort of furniture you will be implementing, or you just need a new bathroom cabinet - then don’t make any decisions before reading this handy buyer’s guide.

Choosing the Ideal Bathroom Cabinets

Mirrored Cabinets:

Mirror CabinetA large portion of the cabinets on the market today are mirror cabinets this is because they offer many benefits other than providing important storage in the bathroom;

  • Make a bathroom look more spacious
  • Create a peaceful ambience with a lighting effect
  • Make a small room appear taller and larger
  • Make a room appear brighter by reflecting any natural light that enters the room

If you are looking for a mirror cabinet that will be durable and match a range of changing bathroom decors then the range of stainless steel cabinets will suit you perfectly. But which cabinets will do the desired trick for your specific bathroom? Here are a few pointers:

For En-Suites and Small Bathrooms:

Corner CabinetsAll wall cabinets make a bathroom more spacious in a literal way by de-cluttering the bathroom of toiletries and items that can be transferred to the storage cabinet. But choosing a large mirrored cabinet makes a room appear more spacious as it bounces more light around the room (whilst also creating even more storage space for those all-important bathroom essentials!). If you have a particularly small bathroom then the clever corner cabinets provide you with storage in the unused area of the room.

A tall and thin mirror cabinet creates height in the bathroom, and draws the eye upwards which can ultimately make the bathroom appear larger. While these may not fit directly over the sink, they are a useful tool for making an en-suite more spacious as the wall hung cabinet will have a large floor space underneath. Try a vertical mirror cabinet, it’s great for storage and its space making properties – you can always buy a small mirror to hang above the sink if you can’t live without one.

For families:

Locakable CabinetFamilies with younger children have a few options when it comes to investing in a safe bathroom cabinet. Firstly, buy a wall hung cabinet so that you can choose what height to hang the cabinet; this way you can choose a suitable height where dangerous chemicals or medication is out of reach. Additionally, you can buy cabinets with soft closing mechanisms to avoid trapped little fingers, or child proof locks. These lockable cabinets also ensure that any nosey guests can’t go prying into your bathroom remedies!

Tall CabinetTo get a cabinet large enough for everyone in the family to use then choose one of our tall cabinets which will provide you with a really generous storage space. These slim line units will create a sleek appearance in your bathroom and the wall hung design ensures they don’t require any floor space.

For a relaxing atmosphere:

Illuminated CabinetThanks to modern lighting technology, mirror cabinets are now available with backlit LED lighting. While you may think lighting around the mirror is unnecessary, it is not just for utilizing when using the mirror itself. Illuminated cabinets are great for creating a relaxing ambience in the bathroom, especially during a long shower or soak in the bath. Instead of using the main light, just switch on the LED lights within the cabinet and slowly unwind, forgetting the stresses of the day.

Bathroom CabinetIf you are looking to create this relaxing haven then our white cabinets will perfectly suit the theme. The white edging will perfectly match the white of modern bathroom suites allowing you to introduce different colours to your wall or with accessories to create your dream space. The white cabinets will also suit a more minimalist theme of contemporary bathroom spaces.

Hopefully this guide has helped to point you in the direction of which type of cabinet will be most suitable for your bathroom. Whatever it is you want from a bathroom cabinet you will find it in our extensive range here at Bella Bathrooms with a large variety of finishes available. With a huge range of different sizes and styles there is a cabinet to suit any bathroom space.