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Buyer’s Guide: Radiator Valves

Designer Radiators at Affordable Prices

RadiatorsWhen creating your dream bathroom space it is important not to forget to consider the heating in the room. If you create a luxurious space that tends to be cold you are not going to enjoy relaxing in it. The whole point of a relaxing haven is creating a comfortable space that you will while the hours away in. For a truly luxurious bathroom we suggest teaming a radiator (complete with radiator valves) with a heated towel rail bringing you the best of both worlds. A warm room and warm towels to cover you as you step out of the bath or shower. Radiator Valves

Once you have chosen from the generous range of designer radiators to best suit your bathroom space then you must consider the radiator valves. Radiator valves are one of the necessities you need for your bathroom but may overlook. They control the flow of water through the radiator so that you can control the temperature in the bathroom. These valves will ensure that your radiator runs efficiently. Subsequently there will be no more stepping out of the shower into a cold room.

Which Radiator Valves Should I Choose?

Radiator valves will finish the detail of your bathrooms design off perfectly. It is often these little details that make all the difference to the aesthetics of the room. Read on to find out the different types of radiator valves that we have available to achieve this;

Designer Valves

Designer ValvesThis type of radiator valve is styled to fit with the theme of your bathroom and match your designer radiator. Designer valves are available in minimalist chic styles or more geometric styles to suit the rest of your bathrooms design. Modern designs will perfectly compliment the designer radiators available on the market. These stylish designer valves are finished in attractive chrome and are available in both angled and straight versions. The Hudson Reed Minimalist Straight Radiator Valves are a sleek design which will match some of the modern styles of taps available. If you are creating a really contemporary feel for your bathroom then these designer valves are a must!

Traditional Valves

Traditional ValvesThese valves are more like the classic design of valves you will be familiar with. Traditional valves are more decorative and lavish in design much like a traditional bathroom is. Such valves will really suit your classic radiator.  They are available in two different types of valve design; straight and angled. This range is available in different finishes from the more modern chrome - which may well match to other accessories within your bathroom to bring you continuity - to nickel and even an antique brass if you are going for a truly traditional feel. Most of these traditional valves feature cross head levers to alter the flow through the radiator. Check out the Hudson Reed Victorian Crosshead Angled Radiator Valves for a good example of this luxury design of valves. These valves will be the ideal addition to your vintage themed bathroom.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic Valves Thermostatic valves will allow you to set an individual radiator at a preferred heat.  They will also prevent the radiator from getting too hot. Subsequently this makes the radiator safer for family bathrooms where young children could come into contact with the radiator. The ability to control thermostatic radiator valves means that you can be more eco friendly in your bathroom. In the summer months you can turn your radiator right down so that you feel the benefit of a warmer bathroom in the colder months. It also gives you the flexibility to turn it up as you use the bathroom and then back down again.

Manual Radiator Valves

Manual radiator valves are traditional valves that operate in a similar fashion to your taps. You can effortlessly turn the top of the valve to enable more or less water to enter your radiator. This involves a little work from you and is more of an old fashioned approach. However it still works today for those who like things a little more hands-on.

Lockshield Radiator Valves

Lockshield valves control the amount of water that flows out of your radiator into the pipe work. As such, you can make sure that the water is evenly distributed across your home. In doing this you can ensure all your radiators heat up at an identical rate.  This will mean that all rooms throughout your home remain equally cosy. It would be pointless if the radiator in the room you spend most time in was always cold whilst your bathroom radiator was hot. This way you can ensure that all radiators operate to the same standards and specifications. Therefore mirroring one another’s temperatures for a cohesively warmed home. All these valve designs vary from traditional to modern so you can add them to any type of bathroom. The Reina Stylish Chrome Thermostatic Straight Radiator Valves with Lockshield are an attractive style of valves. Furthermore they wouldn’t look out of place in any design of bathroom.

Do you want an Angled or a Straight Radiator Valve?

This isn’t a matter of preference. It’s more to do with the kind of radiator placement you have. Straight valves connect your radiator to the central heating pipe work in a horizontal, straight line. Angled radiator valves, like the name suggests, connect at an angle. Typically, radiator valves have a 90 degree bend so that your valve inlet can be met vertically or horizontally. The valve you require depends on the positioning of your radiator. If you have a radiator in your bathroom, you’ll also want to connect it outside so that all that air has an outlet. However if it’s not a straight trajectory to the outside world, an angled valve will do the trick.

Radiator Valves Guide

What about Radiator Valve Inlet Positions?

Locating where valve inlets are on your radiator is not complicated and depends on the kind of radiator you own. Typically, valve inlets will be found on the bottom of your radiator although they may be located on the side. For a towel rail radiator in a bathroom, the valve will probably require an angled radiator valve. This is so that horizontal pipe work will be effortlessly connected. Compact radiators, (this is the standard radiator that most people own) usually have side valve inlets, although there are exceptions. To be sure, remember that bottom inlets that operate through wall pipe work typically require angled radiator valves but if they are positioned through the floor, a straight radiator valve is preferable. For side inlets coming through the wall, angled radiator valves are useful but through floor pipe work, angled valves work best.

How Often do I Need to Replace my Radiator Valves?

If you hear your radiator hissing or leaking, then your radiator valves will need replacing. They will also need to be replaced if your radiator refuses to heat. If the room is too hot all of the time or if the radiator will not turn off. This is something that you can easily do yourself as and when needed. Other than these telltale signs, check the warranty on the back of the box when you purchase your valves. This gives you an insight into how long they are expected to last.

Radiator Valves Guide

How do I Replace Broken Radiator Valves?

Like mentioned above, this is something you can easily do yourself even without any radiator knowledge.  As far as DIY projects go, it’s low maintenance. Keeping radiator valves clean is a great way to maintain them but when a valve is damaged you’ll need to first of all drain the system by connecting a hose to the drain cock, using a jubilee clip to secure it and enabling all the water to leave the system. You can then remove the old valve using a wrench and an adjustable spanner. Coincidentally you may want to use a cloth or rag as such equipment can damage chrome. Finally you can then remove the old adaptor and screw in the new adaptor and valve. Refill the system and bleed the radiator and then you can finally re-fill the system again.

Hopefully this buyers guide blog has helped you decide which radiator valves you need for your home. Whichever valves that you opt for you will be please you took the time to select the ideal type.