Buyer’s Guide: Radiator Valves

Designer Radiators at Affordable Prices

RadiatorsWhen you are creating your dream bathroom space it is important not to forget to consider the heating in the room. If you create a luxurious space that tends to be on the cold side you are not going to enjoy relaxing in your new space. The whole point of a relaxing haven is to create a comfortable space that you want to while the hours away in. For a truly luxurious bathroom we suggest teaming a radiator with a heated towel rail to bring you the best of both worlds. A warm room and warm towels to cover you as you step out of the bath or shower.

Radiator ValvesOnce you have chosen from the generous range of radiators to best suit your bathroom space then you must consider the radiator valves. Radiator valves are one of the necessities you need for your bathroom but may overlook. They control the flow of water through the radiator so that you can control the temperature in the bathroom. These valves will ensure that your radiator runs efficiently and there will be no more stepping out of the shower into a cold room.

Which Radiator Valves Should I Choose?

Radiator valves can finish the detail of your bathrooms design off perfectly and it is often these little details that make all the difference to the aesthetics of the room. Read on to find out the different types of radiator valves that we have available to achieve this;

Designer Valves

Designer ValvesThis type of radiator valve is styled to fit in with the theme of your bathroom and best match your designer radiator. Designer valves are available in minimalist chic styles or more geometric styles to best match the rest of your bathrooms design. These modern designs will perfectly compliment the designer radiators available on the market. These stylish designer valves are finished in attractive chrome and are available in both angled and straight versions. The Hudson Reed Minimalist Straight Radiator Valves are a sleek design which will match some of the modern styles of taps available. If you are creating a really contemporary feel for your bathroom then these designer valves are a must!

Traditional Valves

Traditional ValvesThese types of valves are more like the classic types of valves you may be familiar with. Traditional valves are more decorative and lavish in design much like your traditional bathroom will. These valves will really suit your classic radiator and are also available in the two types of valve; straight and angled. This range is available in different finishes from the more modern chrome which may well match to other accessories within your bathroom to bring you continuity to nickel and even an antique brass if you are going for a truly traditional feel. Most of these traditional valves feature cross head levers to alter the flow through the radiator. Check out the Hudson Reed Victorian Crosshead Angled Radiator Valves for a good example of this lavish design of valves which will be the ideal addition to your classic themed bathroom.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic Valves
These valves allow you to set an individual radiator at a preferred heat and they also prevent the radiator from getting too hot. This makes your radiator safer in family bathrooms where young children may come into contact with the radiator. The ability to control thermostatic valves means that you can be more eco friendly in your bathroom. In the summer months you can turn your radiator right down so that you feel the benefit of a warmer bathroom in the colder months. It also gives you the flexibility to turn it up as you use the bathroom and then back down again.

The design of these valves varies from traditional to modern so that you can add them to any type of bathroom. The Reina Stylish Chrome Thermostatic Straight Radiator Valves with Lockshield are an attractive style of valves that wouldn’t look out of place in any design of bathroom. If you want to have more control over varying the heat in your bathroom then choose from thermostatic valve collection.

Whatever type of valve that you decide to choose you will be please you took the time to select the ideal type. Choosing valves to best suit your bathroom will ensure that there is continuity throughout the theme that you have selected for your design.