Buyer’s Guide: Shower Enclosures

Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the generous range of shower enclosures. And it’s a good thing given that no two bathrooms are the same! No matter what the shape, size or style of your bathroom, there is a perfect shower enclosure out there for you. From shower enclosures that will fit the smallest of bathroom spaces to lavish walk in showers which can become the main attraction in your bathroom we have it covered.

Lifestyle photograph of a walk in shower

We have a fantastic selection of en suite bathrooms and shower suites now available for those of you choosing a shower over a bath for your bathroom space. These combined packages will offer you savings when buying a toilet, basin and shower enclosure as a complete set. Here is a rundown on some of the things you may need to consider when choosing the most appropriate shower enclosure for your bathroom.

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What Should I Consider when Selecting a Shower Enclosure?


The size of shower enclosures can vary significantly depending on the overall size of the bathroom and how much attention you want to give the shower area. Average sizes range from a compact 700mm for small guest bathrooms and en-suites to a luxurious 1600mm for a three-sided shower enclosures and walk in wet rooms. There are lots of generous sized shower enclosures now available as many people prefer a luxury enclosure over a bath. A great way to make sure you order the right size is to mark out the length and width of the shower on the bathroom floor with chalk. This will ensure your measurements are spot on!

Lifestyle photograh of a 3 sided shower enclosure

If you are adding a shower enclosure to an existing bathroom space remember to consider how it will impact on the other bathroom suite items. Marking it out will help with this too as you will be aware of where the shower will sit in relation to everything else in the bathroom.


Lifestyle photograph of an offset quadrant shower enclosureOnce you decide on the enclosure size that you can select you have a choice of varying different shapes. There is a wide variety of shower trays available to base your enclosure on from the standard square shape to quadrant shapes and even the unique pentangle shape that is ideal for awkward bathroom spaces. If your bathroom style is going for a geometric design then the square or rectangular trays will be ideal. To add softness into your bathroom then chose a quadrant shape which has a gentle curve to the front edge. The curved shape of quadrant and offset quadrant enclosures gives you a generous shower space.


Showers are conventionally placed in corners as this is generally the most space efficient position. That said it is becoming increasingly trendy to install a shower recess or locate the enclosure centrally against a wall, turning the shower into something of a statement feature. Whatever position you choose, there is a huge variety of enclosures on offer to bring your vision to life.

Corner showers generally come in the form of cubed, quadrant and offset-quadrant shapes. Quadrant enclosures give you the best of both worlds; they fit neatly into the corner of the bathroom but their curved front creates a generous space within the enclosure.

Lifestyle photograph of a quadrant shower enclosure


To gain even more space within your showering space then bifold shower door will help you maximize this. They create even more room due to their folding design and are perfect for smaller bathrooms as they do not impose on your space.

Lifestyle photograph of a bifold shower door

For those that want to make an impact, large sliding doors and walk in wet rooms are dramatic, impressive and modern takes on the traditional shower cubicles. If you don’t want to damage existing tiling then check out the self contained shower cubicles which can be placed anywhere in the bathroom giving you greater flexibility in your bathroom designs.

Lifestyle photograph of a self contained shower cubicle

Type of Door

With a wide range of designs available, shower doors too can be bought to suit any bathroom style, from timeless and traditional to classy and chic. Often the type of door is essential to a perfectly functioning shower enclosure rather than the style. The most important thing to consider when selecting the ideal shower door is how it will fit with the rest of the bathroom. Hinged or pivot doors are ideal for larger bathrooms as they open out into your bathroom and as such require a certain amount of space in order for you to do this. For more compact bathrooms a sliding or bi-fold door will work perfectly as they don’t impact on the bathroom itself.

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Hopefully this short guide will have pointed you in the direction as to which type of shower enclosure you would like to select for your own bathroom. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a vast range on offer to meet any demands of style preference or sizing requirements.