Buyer’s Guide: What Shower Pump do I Need?

Buyer’s Guide: What Shower Pump do I Need?

Choosing the bathroom suite, the tiles and the furniture can all be very exciting. However don’t forget about the most crucial part of a bathroom; the plumbing. It can be slightly more tedious and confusing than choosing the bathroom décor, but to create the perfect bathroom you need the room to function perfectly. With the huge range of luxury showers now available many people find that they suffer poor shower performance once installed. This is usually due to low water pressure in their home.

Luxury ShowersMany people choose to boost the water supply to create a more powerful showering experience to rejuvenate themselves. This is done by installing a shower pump. When it comes to shower pumps there quite a few different options.  You will want to make sure you purchase the right one for your home. It’s not really about making a style decision it more matching the pump to your homes specific water need. Read our buyers guide to help you decide which shower pump will be most suitable for your home.

What Shower Pump do I Need? - Initial Considerations :

There are a range of different showers and shower heads all of which require different bar pressures (pressure required to function to maximum capacity). For this reason there are different pumps for different showers and water pressures. It is important that you know some basic information about your home;

Water Tanks

  • The layout of the house: where the cold water storage tank is located
  • Location of the shower: is it above or below the cold water storage
  • The temperature of the water. Do you need to boost the hot water or cold water or both coming through the shower? Is your water supply balanced?

People living in urban and rural areas may experience different water pressure. In addition if you live on a hill it will also be different to those who live on flat ground. Also, most shower pumps are designed to be fitted onto open vented hot and cold systems. So if you have a combi boiler system you can only use a mains boost pump.

If you have separate hot and cold water systems then here is a rundown of the different options of shower pumps available:

Which Shower Pump Type?

Positive or Negative Head

Positive Head LocationA positive and negative head simply refers to where the shower is in relation to the cold water storage tank. This cold water is usually reserved in the roof or top floor of the house but you need to check. If the shower is located below the tank such as a ground floor bathroom, you will need a positive head shower pump. This type of pump relies on a gravity feed of water. It will kick start the pump which then increases the flow of water.

Negative Head PumpIf the shower is situated on the same level as the cold water storage, or indeed above the tank in a loft conversion, you will need a negative head shower pump. This kind of pump will suck the water upwards to operate the shower.

If you have two separate showers above and below the cold water storage, a negative head shower pump is the best choice.

Single or Twin Impeller

Single Impeller Pump
Single impeller pumps are designed to pump a single type of water to the shower, either hot or cold. In some homes depending on the layout it can be more useful to install two single pumps. This is often a preferred option rather than using a twin pump to create the desired boost. It tends to be the ideal solution if the cold water tank and hot water cylinder are located in different areas of the home.

Twin Impeller PumpsA twin pump is installed onto both water supplies, hot water and cold water separately. This is particularly effective for mixer showers. A twin shower pump is the best way to ensure that both hot and cold water is boosted. It will help you to find the ideal temperature when showering. Depending on how powerful the twin impeller pumps are they can be used to boost multiple showers simultaneously.

House Pumps

House PumpsHouse pumps can not only help to boost your shower but indeed the water supplies throughout your entire home. This type of pump is designed to pump hot and cold water separately as and when it is needed throughout your home. This will help to improve the performance of water for the entire homes demands such as baths, taps and toilets. If you live in an area where water pressure is naturally low then a house pump is well worth investing in. It will make the running of your home more efficient especially if you have more than one bathroom space.

Hopefully this short guide has helped you to understand the different types of shower pumps that are available. Once you have decided which type of pump you require and what pressure is required then it’s down to you which pump you select. We stock a variety of shower pumps from the UK’s leading manufacturers. You can be sure they produce pumps of the highest quality and performance. Add a fantastic shower pump to your home and you will wonder how you ever managed without one!