Buyers Guide: Shower Tray Sizes

When it comes to choosing a shower tray you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of sizes and styles now available for you to choose from. It is important to take into account the space you have available for a shower enclosure and how it will impact on the rest of the bathroom. It is often useful to mark out the area the shower tray will take up so that you can envisage how it will sit alongside other bathroom suite items. There is such a vast choice of shower tray sizes that a shower can be fitted into a variety of different bathroom spaces.

Where do you begin though in deciding which shower tray dimensions are most suitable for you? Follow our handy shower tray sizes guide to help you select the best fit for your bathroom.

Shower Tray Sizes Guide:



If you are looking to add a shower to an en-suite or to fit one in a compact bathroom space then the shower trays with smaller dimensions will be what you need. The smallest size we currently stock is a square 700 x 700 shower tray. This shape fits neatly into the corner of your bathroom whilst still giving you a more than adequate shower space. Square shower trays are a popular choice for spce compromised bathroom due to their generally smaller dimensions.

Quadrant shower trays are also an option for creating compact shower enclosures due to their neat dimensions with this type beginning at a slightly larger 800mm x 800mm size. The bonus of a quadrant shape is that the curved front takes up slightly less space in your bathroom whilst still providing a generous showering space within the enclosure. The curved front of the quadrant shape also gives a softer finish to your bathroom space as opposed to the straight edges and angles of the square version.



If you are lucky enough to have a medium sized bathroom or are redesigning a bathroom space then standard shower tray sizes will be ideal. Both the square and quadrant designs are available in slightly larger versions (900mm x 900mm and 1000mm x 1000mm). These are large enough to provide a decent shower area without the enclosure overwhelming the space.

Rectangular shower trays are also popular for a medium sized enclosure as the tray has two slightly longer sides which gives you a more generous showering space. Any rectangular tray with the longer side lengths of around 1000mm would be a medium sized tray. The width can vary from a slim line 700mm to a more spacious 900mm depending on which will be best for your showering needs. Medium sized shower trays give you the best of both worlds a decent sized shower area without taking up too much space in your bathroom.


For those of you blessed with a large bathroom or wishing to make the shower the luxury feature of your bathroom then the range of large shower trays will suit you down to the ground. Due to an increase in people wishing to create a walk in shower or wet room there is now a need for larger sized shower trays. Indeed walk in shower trays can be as large as 1700mm x 900mm to create a truly lavish showering area.

Another popular shape in the large shower tray range is the offset quadrant shower trays which are basically a rectangular shape with a curved front to one end. These come in a variety of sizes with a 1200mm x 900mm shower tray the largest size available in this design. Large shower trays tend to have dimensions of over 1200mm and can require nearly as much if not more space than a standard bath.

Whether you are looking to create a lavish shower enclosure or wish to find the room to squeeze an enclosure into an existing bathroom we will have shower base sizes that will fit the bill. We hope your have found this shower tray sizes guide useful so that you can select the perfect match for your given bathroom or en suite.