Buyer’s Guide: Shower Types

Hudson Reed ShowersThanks to the extensive range of water jets and high powered sprays on offer, taking a shower is no longer just about getting clean. The type of shower head you use has the potential to change the entire stand up wash experience. It can turn your shower into a blissful retreat that you’ll never want to get out of! Such is the huge array of bathroom showers available selecting the correct one can be confusing. Here we take a look at the different shower types available to help guide you through the decision process and choose the perfect shower for you.

Shower Types: Which Shower Will Suit You Best?

Electric showers

Electric ShowersElectric showers aren’t new but they continue to be the option of choice for shower goers across the globe! Operated by connecting the shower to the main heating system and turning the cold flow to warm. Electric showers are an easy and inexpensive option. They are also highly flexible and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Provided they can be connected to the main water supply. The major benefit of electric showers is that they are guaranteed to work at all times. This is regardless of whether or not the rest of your home heating system is functioning.

Mixer showers

Mixer ShowersAs expected, mixer showers combine hot and cold water to run the ideal temperature desired by the shower user. This style is particularly popular in modern and minimalist bathrooms. The lack of bulky equipment and potential for concealed valves giving them a sleek and streamlined look. A mixer shower works really well over the bath and many bath taps feature these shower accessories now. Because a mixer shower has no electrical component these systems tend to look more aesthetically pleasing when positioned in your bathroom.

Power showers

Power Showers

The initial outlay for these little gems is significantly more than installing an electric system. However this is offset by the amazing shower experience that they bring to the daily wash! Power showers are a great option for bathrooms with low water pressure systems. They use the latest shower technology to mix hot and cold water together. In addition an integrated pump ensures the water runs at speed. Due to the fact that they only heat water being used power showers can be economic. They will eventually pay for themselves in the long run. If you are a fan of a truly invigorating showering experience then look no further than a power shower to satisfy your showering needs.

Digital showers

Digital ShowerTechnology lovers will go weak at the knees for digital showers. The innovative design ensuring the perfect water temperature can be achieved at the touch of a button. Digital showers put you in control as you can pre set both the temperature and the flow of the water. This is done before you enter the shower via a wireless panel. Once the shower has reached the settings you requested it will signal. Therefore you can enter the shower without any worry of cold surprises!

Shower Towers

Shower TowerShower towers are the ultimate indulgent shower experience. They are capable of housing several different types of heads, jets and controls. The shower tower ensures that every wash can be tailored to suit your mood. If you want to be able to select a different type of shower for different moods then this flexible type of shower will fit the bill.

Shower Types: What Other Shower Features Should You Consider?

Shower Valves

Hudson Reed Triple ValveIf you decide to opt for a mixer shower then you will have a further decision to make! There are a fabulous range of shower valves on the market which are the perfect accessories for your mixer shower. Shower valves are basically the controls which allow you to select the temperature and control of the water. For more lavish showers with additional accessories such as a second handset these valves will feature a diverter. This will allow you to switch between the two (or even three). There is a huge range of valve styles available from minimalist concealed valves to more decorative exposed valves. These valves are also available in single, dual and triple versions depending on your needs.

Shower Heads & Accessories

Hudson Reed Shower HeadWhen you are looking to create your perfect shower enclosure you won’t believe the choice of shower heads and accessories available for you to choose from. From fixed shower heads to shower arms and riser rails you can really create a range of different styles within your shower. It is worth bearing in mind what type of showering experience you are trying to create. If you are installing a shower in a family bathroom we would suggest choosing a shower riser rail. This enables you to alter the height of the shower head to suit the different height of the users! To create a more luxurious spa environment in your shower add body jets or even a rain bar.

Shower Pumps

Salamander PumpNot all of us have sufficient strength in our homes water systems to create a powerful showering experience. This is where the addition of a shower pump can be useful. There is a fantastic range of shower pumps available. These pumps will suit a whole host of different shower types and water systems. You will wonder how you managed without one before once you experience this boost to your shower.


Mira ShowersEveryone has a favourite brand whether it is from previous experience or through a recommendation. That is why we offer a range of showers from the UK’s leading brands. Mira and Triton tend to be our most popular brands but don’t let this sway you. We have a wide range which will mean you can match the shower style to the rest of your bathroom. It is advisable though if you have been happy with a particular brand in your home then you stick with what you know!

No matter what your practical needs or indulgent wants, the range of shower types on offer is vast and varied. From traditional mixer showers to extravagant shower towers, there is something to suit every style and budget. Hopefully this guide will steer you in the right direction to make a decision on the best shower for you!