Buyers Guide To A New Bathroom Suite

TC Underground SuiteTime for an overhaul in your bathroom? The first step to any change in your bathroom is planning even if the change is just a simple adjustment. Any change in a bathroom can make it an inviting place, from a change of colour to a new mirror, lighting or heating. If you are looking for a complete overhaul then this guide will help you through it. When changing your bathroom it is not only important to think about the present but also about the future and potentially the resale of your property, so your new bathroom will have to appeal to the market.

Initial planning

Your new bathroom suite can only be as big as the space you have available, so taking care when looking at dimensions is essential. When first planning your new bathroom it is also a good idea to have in mind the total price which you want to pay and also the overall look of the bathroom once it is finished. It is recommend to create a rough plan or drawing of how you want your bathroom to be laid out, this will also allow you to move things around to try maximise the space in your bathroom.

Take your time

Take your time to look around Bella Bathrooms we have a wide range of bathroom fittings from bathroom furniture to shower enclosures. Make sure to look at all options to be sure that you get the correct style, brand and size that you are looking for. Bella Bathrooms has over 40 different manufactures to choose from meaning that the choice for one particular fitting is almost endless.


It is very important when changing your bathroom to stick to your budget, no matter how much you have to spend. Having a larger budget will naturally allow you to buy extravagant fittings and finishes which will give you a better overall look in your bathroom, but you have to ask yourself if the same look can be achieved by using a different range of products which could be potentially cheaper.

Creating a bigger bathroom

Having a big bathroom is rapidly becoming a luxury within a household, but don’t worry even having a small bathroom can be made to feel bigger. If you are desperate for a bigger bathroom you have the option of changing or extending your bathroom into other rooms. Or alternatively you can remove features such as showers which can help save room, especially now when you have the option of a shower / bath combination.

Thinking ahead

Depending on how long you are planning to keep your new bathroom you are going to have to thing ahead into the future. Your new bathroom will possibly have to be suitable for families or the elderly, either way thinking ahead is essential. Another potential outcome is that you may be looking to move property and a well designed bathroom could add overall value to your property, so take your time in deciding on which one.

Whatever style you are looking for we have a wide range of modern and traditional bathroom suites for you to choose your perfect match!