Buyers Guide To Bathroom Taps

Roma Bathroom TapBathroom taps are a necessary feature for the bathroom to function and also contribute to the overall style of the bathroom. There are a wide range of taps available on the market with many different styles such as contemporary, traditional and minimalist. Along with the these styles there are also a wide range of finishes available from chrome, matte and gold. Bella Bathrooms have a wide range of bathroom taps from many different manufactures each offering their own styles.

Contemporary bathroom taps

Contemporary bathroom taps usually consist of sleek clean lines that flow making your bathroom look modern the plus side of this is that they do not take up much space. Contemporary bathroom taps are become more desirable due to the fact that each has its own individual design giving you a unique bathroom. Mixer taps are becoming the most common through contemporary range; mixer taps allow you to easily control the temperature and the pressure of the water all through one lever. These taps have a wide range of different styles such as 1 lever mixer tap and 2 or 3 lever mixer taps, which allow you to control both the hot and cold temperature separately giving you more control. The contemporary bathroom tap is the most common through all new development and it is a cheap and quick way to keep up with the rising standards of bathrooms on the market. It is always a good idea to look at all options of taps available to make sure that you are getting the one that is right for your bathroom.

Traditional bathroom taps

Choosing a traditional style bathroom tap for your new bathroom will give it charm and class. This type of bathroom style is still in fashion and will stay there for the near future. The three main types of traditional taps are: Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, these three types of tap look similar but should not be combined as they will not complement each other once together. If you are aiming for an old fashioned theme within your bathroom then the Victorian style taps will provide the oldest feel to your bathroom. As the Victorian and Edwardian taps are designed to look old they are sometimes considered as antiques and therefore you can expect to pay a higher price than usual.

Choosing the right bathroom tap is entirely up to you and the look that you are trying to achieve within your bathroom. Take your time to look around the site to view the different tap types and make sure that you know what you’re buying before purchasing. Our excellent customer service team are here to answer any problems or queries that you may have.