Buyer’s Guide: Taps

When designing a bathroom the spotlight is often directed towards choosing the big things such as a suite, furniture, mirrors and cabinets. What many people don’t realise is that taps are just as important and can have a huge effect on the finished product, both visually and practically. Indeed you will be amazed at the impact simply updating your bathroom taps can have on the overall look of your bathroom. Follow our handy buyers guide to ensure you choose the best taps to suit your own bathroom space.

Choosing the Right Taps – Initial Considerations

Hudson Reed StrikeThe first thing to take into account when shopping for taps is level of water pressure available in your home. Many taps are designed for certain pressure levels and will not work properly if the water pressure is not high enough. To save time and money make sure you get a plumber to confirm the water pressure of your bathroom before you start your search! Once you have determined your water pressure levels you’re free to search online.

Bath Pillar TapsThere are many different tap types on the market and you should consider what type of handle will suit you. The traditional turning mechanisms are still popular though we would suggest these aren’t idea for people who might struggle with hand strength. The more modern lever styles are more suitable for easy use however they tend to be more contemporary in style. Your tap decision may also be led by the item to which you are adding them to dependent on whether they feature a single or double tap hole. Below is a comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about choosing the right tap for your bathroom.

Chosing the Right Taps – Tap Types

Basin and Bath Taps

PJH TapsBasin taps and bath taps are probably the most commonly used taps in the bathroom and should be given the attention they deserve. They are generally available in three different styles, each with the power to completely transform the look and functionality of your bathroom. Pillar taps are perhaps the most traditional, consisting of two separate hot and cold water taps. They go hand in hand with two tap hole basins and are simple and easy to use.

Mixer taps have undergone a huge surge in popularity in the last few years as they allow for the perfect temperature combination in one water flow. They are used with one tap hole basins and are a great option for bathrooms that are short on space.

Wall Mounted Bath FillerWall-mounted taps are contactless with the basin and add a modern, contemporary look to any bathroom. As for bath taps UK shoppers are spoilt for choice! Depending on the design of your suite there is a huge selection of designs on offer which encompass the above tap types which can transform the entire look of your bathroom.

Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Bath Shower Mixer TapChoosing a bath/shower mixing taps is a great choice for bathroom dwellers who want the best of both worlds! Installing a shower above your bath is a major space saver and also doubles as an effective way of washing your hair or giving the bath a rinse after use. The showerhead can be placed on top of the mixer tap for a traditional look or hung on a wall bracket for those who prefer a more contemporary style and hands free showering experience. Bath shower mixer taps are able to create a big impression with a simple touch. For the ultimate in tap luxury check out the fabulous range of freestanding bath shower mixer taps which will undoubtedly create a wow factor in your bathroom.

Bath Tap Showers

Croydex Bath ShowerBath tap showers are a really useful accessory that allows you to add a shower option to your bath or basin. These cost effective accessories can be attached to your pillar taps quickly and efficiently as required to provide you with a shower effect. They are ideal for guest bathrooms or family bathrooms where you may all be trying to get ready at the same time.

Bidet Taps

Bidet TapsBidet taps are reminiscent of older style bathrooms and offer a very traditional look. For those that love the bidet function but not the traditional design, it is possible to find bidet taps that will merge nicely with even the most modern of bathrooms. All of our bidet taps are mixer styles so that you can easily control the temperature and flow of water.

Kitchen Taps

Kitchen TapsThe tap choosing adventure doesn’t end in the bathroom. The kitchen is also a prime water dispensing room that can be completely transformed depending on what types of taps are installed. Designs these days are endless and it is possible to accessorise your sink with everything from traditional pillar taps to statement standalones that make an impact. For a luxury style of kitchen taps check out the pull out kitchen mixers which will assist you with stubborn stains or to rinse the basin after use.

Once you have decided which tap will best suit your bathroom (or indeed kitchen) you can begin to choose the most appropriate style be it traditional cross head handles or contemporary sleek lever handles! Here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident that whichever tap type and style you decide on we will have the perfect bathroom accessories for you to transform your bathroom.