Buyer’s Guide: Heated Towel Rails

When you are designing your dream bathroom you often forget to take account of what type of heating you need for your bathroom. Heating is very important if you want to create a bathroom space that you will want to while hours away relaxing in the bath or pampering yourself. There is nothing worse than stepping out of a hot bath or shower to be greeted with cold air. Creating a warm environment will ensure that your bathroom time is more enjoyable. Choosing heated towel rails for your bathroom will bring you double the benefit. Traditional Towel Rail They not only help to create more warmth in the bathroom but they also provide you with an area to warm your towels ready for use.

These towel rails will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom space and can also add to the overall look of your bathroom such is their designer style. Towel rails come in such a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles that it can be overwhelming. Our handy guide will explain the different types available and help you to select the perfect towel rail for your bathroom space.

Choose from Different Types of Heated Towel Rails:

Electric Towel Rails

Electric Towel RailsElectric towel rails are great as they give you the ultimate control over the heat in your bathroom. These towel rails are convenient as you only turn them on or off as you require them meaning they are not dependent on your central heating system. This is ideal for the summer months as it means you can warm your towels without having your entire heating system being on. Electric towel rails are also cost effective to install as they don’t require further plumbing to add them to your bathroom. This makes them a very popular choice for modern bathroom spaces.

Centrally Heated Towel Rails

Centrally Heated Towel Rail Though the electric towel rails may sound ideal you do need to remember to turn them on and of course wait for them to heat up! If you tend to be a bit forgetful then a centrally heated towel rail will suit you better as you can pre set your homes heating so that the towel rail will be on at the times of day you may shower or bathe. The down side of this system of course is through the summer when your heating isn’t on you won’t benefit from comforting warm towels to hand.

Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rails

Dual Fuel Towel Rail For the ultimate luxury choose dual fuel towel rails which combine the best of the above two towel rail types. You can use your homes main heating system through the winter and then have the ability to only heat your bathroom in the summer as required. These towel rails are a practical option and provide you with the optimum efficiency. Don’t be fooled by their practicality though as they are still available in a wide range of stunning finishes making them aesthetically pleasing too.

Choose From Different Styles of Towel Rails

Chrome Towel Rails

Chrome Reina RailFor a modern look choose from one of the stunning chrome towel rails which will make your bathroom appear more spacious by reflecting the natural light and your bathroom lighting around the space. The gleaming appearance of these rails creates a chic and luxurious look for your bathroom. This style will also match the chrome taps and accessories that are popular for contemporary bathrooms. From the more traditional ladder style rails to the designer curved edges and teardrop designs every size and shape imaginable is available in the chrome range. A chrome towel rail can really become the focal point of your bathroom.

Black Towel Rails

Black Towel Rails If you are looking for something a little different then the range of black towel rails will fit the bill. They create a sophisticated finish for your bathroom and can also create a focal point. Their elegant design will suit the popular monochrome style of bathrooms as they will perfectly contrast the pristine white of modern bathroom suites. These stylish black towel rails are available in both modern and traditional styles to suit any bathroom design.

White Towel Rails

White Towel Rails If you think black will darken your bathroom space then choose one of the classic white towel rails which will help to brighten up your room. This light colour will fit in seamlessly with a minimalist style of bathroom and suit changing decors over the years. These towel rails are available in both modern and traditional styles to suit any theme that you have selected for your bathroom. A white towel rail is perfect for bathrooms which feature neutral tones and subtle decor as they are less imposing than other types of towel rails.

Stainless Steel Towel Rails

Designer Towel RailSimilar to the chrome designs stainless steel towel rails encompass every size and design imaginable to bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom. These towel rails are a practical option as not only do they conduct heat efficiently but they are easy to look after and maintain. Just because they are a practical choice though doesn’t mean they can’t create a designer look too. Stainless steel rails offer you a stylish option regardless of whether you are looking for a modern or traditional towel rail. Polished stainless steel options are also available which create a similar look for your bathroom to the chrome versions.

Hopefully this guide will have helped you to decide which towel rail might be the best option for your bathroom. Here at Bella Bathrooms you are truly spoilt for choice with the range of towel rails available that will add a luxurious touch to your bathroom whilst bringing designer style.