Buyer’s Guide: Vanity Units

Many of us know the feeling of frustration in the bathroom when we can’t find a product. Mostly due to the vast amount of lotions and potions that have overtaken the whole room. It’s easy for modern bathrooms to become cluttered as our daily toiletries seem to be increasing. This is occurring hand in hand with a trend for the bathroom size to be decreasing. Vanity units are the ideal addition to a bathroom lacking in vital storage. Hudson Reed Memoir Gloss GreySize and space is now a huge issue in bathrooms as houses and rooms are becoming much smaller. More than ever, we need to fully utilize any space we do have. In addition we must only keep essential bathroom items in the bathroom storage and furniture.

The best way to organize the bathroom and ensure it stays tidy is to implement as many storage facilities as your space allows. To de-clutter a bathroom and manage what space you have effectively, you have to find attractive storage solutions. The ideal item of bathroom furniture to help keep your room spotless and clutter-free is a stylish vanity unit. Modern vanity units combine the wash basin with storage beneath in an effortless, contemporary approach which will definitely improve any bathroom. These units are becoming more common in both small and large bathrooms due to the variety of types available.

Buyers Guide: Vanity Units – Choosing a Vanity Unit

Tavistock Desire PuttyMost people have a large chunk of space underneath their wash basin that at present is completely wasted. This space can be utilised by having a vanity unit fitted. Therefore people can store the items they use in the washbasin underneath the sink for easy reach. Vanity units come in all different styles, and most are stylish enough to improve the appearance of the room. In addition they will implement a practical storage solution. Modern vanity units come in a variety of styles. Incorporating draws, cupboards or both so you can choose the most effective type of storage for you and your household. Before you decide on a vanity unit read our guide to find the best option to suit your bathroom space;

Small Vanity Units

Cloakroom VanityCombining the wash basin and vanity unit is a stylish concept, perfect for the minimalist look of small bathrooms and en-suites. The design of small vanity units are perfect for cloakrooms spaces. They mean you can keep your bathroom spares hidden neatly away from any guests. Having no clutter on show is vital in a smaller bathroom. Toiletries laid around can make your space seem even smaller. The small vanities are built to neat dimensions so that they take up the minimal amount of area possible. Just because they are compact in size doesn’t mean they are lacking in style. They can still be an attractive feature of your smaller bathroom. Corner Vanity Unit

Another clever design for more space restricted areas is the well designed corner vanity units. These are ideal for awkward spaces as they utilise the ‘dead’ space in the bathroom. This design will still provide you with a generous storage area beneath the basin.

Large Vanity Units

Hudson Reed Ambit OakDon’t be fooled into thinking vanity units are only suitable for small bathroom spaces though. Large bathroom vanities are also becoming popular as a contemporary focal point of the bathroom. Double sink vanity units can really create a luxurious look for your bathroom and can even incorporate two wash basins. This can help you recreate a hotel or spa feel where couples can implement a ‘His and Hers’ style. Plus reap the benefits of a bigger surface and a larger storage space underneath the basins. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom then you will be spoilt for choice with the array of different vanity units to choose from. Also you will have no excuse for an untidy bathroom!

Wall Hung Vanity Units

Frontline Grandeur Gloss Grey It is not just the size of vanity unit that you will need to consider but also the style that you wish to select. If you are looking for a contemporary style of vanity unit then you will love wall hung vanity units. This modern design of unit appears to float in the room. It will help you to create a designer look for your bathroom. The more compact versions of this type of unit are also suitable for smaller bathrooms. The floor space that is visible beneath the unit creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom.

Floor Standing Vanity Units

Moods Picasso Pistachio If you want to create a focal point in the bathroom with your vanity unit then floor standing vanity units can look really imposing. This type of unit really fills the eye and though more traditional in style it is available in modern versions. These vanity units’ best utilise the space beneath the unit to provide you with a very generous storage space. There is no excuse for your bathroom extras not to be hidden from view! The compact styles of the floor standing versions ensure that despite the small dimensions you have the maximum space beneath for storage. Storage SpaceChoosing a vanity unit is all down to your individual style. Plus what will compliment the décor and furniture that is already a part of your bathroom. If your bathroom space is restricted, then you will obviously have a more limited choice to select from. Ultimately you will have to choose a vanity unit based more on practicality than how it looks. You will be amazed at the range of finishes of vanity units available. From high gloss white to beautiful wooden effects and even reds and blacks to add a splash of colour to your bathroom. The choice is not only with the shape of unit as the basin too can be smoothly shaped or a more edgy geometric style.

Whichever vanity unit you choose it will serve a dual purpose; a functional storage space and an impressive bathroom feature. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident with our vast range we will have the ideal vanity unit to suit your bathroom space.