Buyer’s Guides: Shower Trays

Wetroom Shower EnclosureChoosing the right shower tray for an enclosure may seem like a menial job. However the shape of your shower tray influences the style of your shower enclosure and door.  Furthermore this will have a significant impact on your entire bathroom. Shower bases can vary in both height and shape to suit a whole variety of different bathroom spaces as well as being available in a wide variety of sizes. Hopefully this handy guide will help you choose the most suitable shower tray for your bathroom space.

Choose from Different Shapes of Shower Trays

Walk in Shower EnclosureThe main feature of the shower tray is its shape. This is completely dependent on the size of your bathroom, the floor space available and the intended positioning of the shower enclosure. In most bathrooms showers are neatly tucked into corners. However those with larger bathrooms can choose a free standing shower in the centre of the room as a feature. We are currently seeing a trend for larger, more spacious bathrooms and more generous showering areas. A preference for walk-in showers or designated shower rooms is also developing. Many people without the luxury of more space are ditching their bath and shower combos for contemporary shower enclosures. In doing so you can achieve a modern spa-like environment for your own bathroom. Here are the main shapes of shower trays you can choose for your bathroom:


Square Shower TrayStill the most popular shaped tray on the market! A square tray is appealing as it can fit into corners, alcoves or be positioned centrally. The square version is available in a decent range of sizes, making it ideal choice for small and large bathrooms. Square trays are easy to match with other bathroom items and will suit both modern and traditional style bathrooms.


Quadrant Shower TrayThe quadrant shower tray is a clever design. It has a curved front on two straight sides to fit neatly into corners without sticking out into the room. This shape also gives the benefit of slightly more shower room than a square.  Thus making a perfect option for bathrooms where space is compromised or tight. Quadrant shower trays will save you vital floor space and due to the smooth front of the enclosure it can sit closer to other bathroom suite items if you are short of space.

Offset Quadrant

Offset Quadrant Shower TrayThis tray is a very similar shape to the quadrant, yet it provides more showering space. An ideal choice for corner units, it is designed for bathrooms with more space to utilise and the stylish design is available in right and left handed versions. Offset Quadrant trays help you to create a truly generous showering space. In addition the curved edge will match smooth shaped bathroom suite items for a coherent finish.


Rectangular Shower TrayThe rectangular tray covers a larger floor area, so is only suited for large, spacious bathrooms. It tends to be larger than the other shapes.  Rectangular shaped enclosures looks great in the centre of a bathroom as a feature shower enclosure. Rectangular trays are suitable for walk in enclosures which are popular for more contemporary or minimalist bathroom spaces.

Choose from Different Heights of Shower Trays

Regardless of what size and shape you are set on for your shower tray, you need to think about your desired height for the tray too. Low-profile shower trays are en vogue right now as they offer flowing, minimalist lines within the bathroom. However if you are opting for a more traditional look choose a higher tray which creates a step into the shower. Here are some pointers about the different options available:

Easy Plumb

Easy Plumb TrayThis is the tallest style of shower tray which sits on legs concealing all the ugly and complicated plumbing work. An easy plumb shower tray makes fitting the shower a lot easier. It provides extra space so you don’t need to worry about hiding the plumbing. This can help you to cut down on the costs of installing the shower tray too. Many people prefer this step up into the shower enclosure although it isn't ideal for the older generation or those who struggle with mobility.


These have a height of around 80mm and are still seen in many bathrooms today. They set the average standard for a shower enclosure and are still the most popular shower tray height available.

Low Profile

Low Profile Shower TrayTo keep up with modern trends, a low profile shower tray measures at around 45mm tall. Making this style the smallest heights available. This style looks great in a minimalist bathroom design. It almost creates the wet room look for your bathroom whilst still retaining the excess water within a shower tray.

Which Shower Tray Brand should you Choose?

Once you have decided on the shape of the tray, you can start looking up brands to see which one you would like to install. Each has slightly different designs with different advantages and benefits. In addition each of them fits within a different budget range. The answer is it is simply a matter of finding the brand which best fits your needs. Tavistock shower trays have a solid-cast stone construction and a minimalist design.  April trays are made from ABS capped stoned resin and have fast flowing waste traps to remove the water quickly.

It is recommended you do your research on the numerous different brands on offer here before making the final decision. We offer the highest quality of shower trays you will find from the UK’s leading manufacturers. You can be assured of durability too as they offer generous product guarantees as standard. Hopefully this guide has helped you decide which shower tray will be most suitable for your bathroom space. Whether your choice is made for style or space there are a whole host of trays that can help you create a luxury shower enclosure.