Buying The Perfect Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom

The Perfect Shower EnclosureWhen buying a shower enclosure for your bathroom it is important to consider the steps taken. The first step is to be prepared for installing a shower enclosure because you need to know if the shower enclosure is going to be installed into either an alcove or corner in your bathroom. The second step is choosing the location for the enclosure because sure to measure the space you have otherwise the enclosure you buy may not fit correctly. When you check the measurements for your enclosure are sure to check the door opening space because this could obstruct in your bathroom or potentially leave you with a small amount of floor space.

Walk-in-enclosureStep three is to choose your shape for the enclosure, there are four main shapes for a shower enclosure all of which we offer in our extensive range. These include walk-in, square/rectangle, pentagon and quadrant shower enclosures. The walk-in shower enclosure offers an appealing and tasteful solution for the larger sized bathrooms. For a large bathroom that has the space then a walk-in shower is a great replacement. The square/rectangle can offer the most sizing options because these enclosures are made up from a choice of three side panels and a bi-fold door or a sliding door. This allows you to have the shower enclosure that will fit perfectly in the space you have. The pentagon leaves more usable space on the floor of the bathroom. This shape enclosure with a central opening allowing the bathroom furniture allows more space for bathroom furniture to be located near to the enclosure on each side. The quadrant shower enclosure is good for saving the most amount of space possible. Also the when the quadrant is installed into your bathroom it can be either a right or left hand sliding door which allows you to consider where it goes rather than been stuck with one specific corner.

Bi-fold-Shower-DoorThe final step to consider is the shower door type which you desire for your enclosure or no door in the case of the walk-in shower enclosure. The other types of doors include pivot, bi-fold, sliding and double sliding doors. The pivot door offers the widest opening for an enclosure, be sure to measure the opening distance in your bathroom. This type of door is reversible so it can open either left or right. The bi-fold door is for good saving space in the bathroom because the door opens inwards. If you choose this door option then you need to consider that you need to be mobile enough to move out the way of the door when you’re in the enclosure. The sliding door is another great door for saving space in the bathroom; this door can also provide a solution for width of 1000mm and over. The same goes for the double sliding door which is useful for a large space offering easy access and maximising the showering area.

When you decide on the shower enclosure you like, take a little time you find the showers we have to offer here at Bella Bathrooms.