Amazing Celebrity Bathrooms & How To Recreate Their Looks

Bathroom Inspiration

Looking for the ultimate in bathroom inspiration? Celebrity’s are undoubtedly known for their expensive cars, designer clothes and incredible houses, and if we’re honest, we’d be the same if we had the money! If you’ve worked for it, enjoy it, right? We must admit though, it’s their homes that fill us with the most envy and after seeing the bathrooms above we’re begging to win the next euro millions. Designer mirrors, sparkling chandeliers and huge spaces we can only dream of exist in these celebrity bathrooms. Sadly, owning a 19 bedroom mansion is far from reality for most, but there’s no reason you cannot recreate the bathrooms above in your own home. Check out our post on How To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive, and take a little look at our points below on how to create your own celebrity style bathroom.

Large Mirrors

Every Celebrity Bathroom has large, and often many mirrors. They simply enhance the space, and give the feeling of a bigger bathroom. A brighter bathroom will always feel that bit bigger.

Neutral Colours

Bright but neutral tones are popular in celebrity bathrooms. This gives the bathroom a fresh clean atmosphere and adds the element of luxury you desire. It also gives you free rein to introduce statement accessories to your bathroom.

Free Standing Baths

Freestanding baths are in most celebrity bathrooms. Although they seem expensive, they are actually incredibly affordable, and will give you a stylish bathroom. Check out our range¬†for a celeb style bath at a price you’ll love.

Large Vanities

We all need enough space to store our beauty and wash items, and celebs often use their traditional vanities as a centre piece that coordinates with their bathroom. Again, despite looking expensive, we have a vast vanity unit with basins range for great prices! Go for the ultimate for a his and hers bathroom by choosing a double vanity unit.


Jennifer Lopez shows us just how adding something like a sheep skin rug can instantly create luxury in the bathroom! So try adding a rug on the floor and update any tatty towels!
Feel free to let us know in the comments which bathroom was your favourite. We hope you have taken real bathroom inspiration from this blog. Hopefully you have been inspired to recreate some celebrity style in your own bathroom!