Choosing a Bath from Our Extensive Range

Choosing a Bath

There is such an extensive bath collection to choose from it is important to pick the right one, a few pointers to consider are obviously the size of the bath, this is not just from a space point of view but you also need to consider what your water heater is capable of in terms of filling capacity as typically they usually require 65% hot water. So a big tub might be perfect for a long soak but will that leave enough water for the rest of the household? Or do you might just need to consider choosing a big enough bath for two people to share?! Double ended versions are ideal for sharing as neither of you are stuck with the taps!

You could also opt for a space saving shower bath or corner bath, design has come along way in the last few years and you can now get a huge variety of different bath tubs in a range of styles to suite every home and budget. Even the smallest of bathroom spaces can fit one in now thanks to the variety of different designs available. The finish of your chosen one can now also be unique due to the array of different panels available to complement your bathroom space.

Whirlpool Baths not only look amazing but are perfect for relaxing after a long day, they are even thought to help relieve minor aches and pains see our new luxurious range. The whirlpool systems can be pre fitted to the bath of your choice and all whirlpool components come in a chrome finish and are pneumatically operated unless otherwise stated. What could add a touch of hotel glamour better than a lavish design such as these?

If you need more help choosing the perfect one for your bathroom then you might find our Buyer’s Guide blog post a useful read.