Choosing a Stylish Vanity Unit for your Bathroom

The prerequisite of the bathroom is that it is functional and stylish in equal parts. One of the easiest ways to boost the style factor without compromising on practicality is to add a vanity unit to the bathroom. With such a huge variety of designs and styles to choose from, it is important to pick a style that offers plenty of storage space, perhaps a built-in basin and an aesthetic that will enhance the rest of the room. So how do you go about actually choosing the cabinet where you will brush your teeth, trim your beard, moisturise your face and do your hair every morning and evening? The experts from Bella Bathrooms explain here what criteria you should be looking for in your vanity unit.

What to Consider when Choosing your Vanity Unit?

What Size Vanity Unit is Suitable?

Firstly, one of the most important elements to consider is size. How big is your bathroom? Can it accommodate a large vanity with room to spare, or will you need to reconfigure your layout in order to fit it in? Whatever the size, there is a vanity that will fit. Vanities are incredibly useful because they often combine a number of different units in one. They provide storage, they sometimes come with fitted basins, and some even have a mirror attached, meaning you don’t have to make room for all of these elements.

Choosing A Stylish Vanity Uunit

Choosing a vanity unit of the right size is important for the look and feel of the rest of the room. A vanity that is oversized compared to the rest of the furniture can give the room a cramped, overcrowded feel. If you have a small bathroom, opt for a small vanity.

What Storage Options would do you want?

The storage options that many vanity cabinets offer should also be considered carefully. If you are already short on storage space in your bathroom, a roomy vanity with cupboards and storage beneath would offer a great boost to the whole room. Having bottles, soap dishes, flannels and jars on every surface can make bathrooms appear messy, and they often spoil the clean lines that many people are trying to create when they furnish their bathrooms, so having somewhere spacious where they can hide away all of their lotions and potions, as well as things like hair trimmers, nail clippers and all of the other bathroom items that do not need to be on display, can go a long way into making a bathroom appear more elegant and luxurious.

What Style Unit are you looking for?

Lastly, think about how you would like your vanity unit to look, in keeping with the style of the bathroom. Do you want it to blend in with the existing fittings, with the same colour as an ordinary basin, or would you like it to provide an exciting focal point, with a similar style but a number of stand-out features? If you want your vanity to be a permanent fixture through numerous remodels and renovations, choosing a more neutral colour and style is best, but for those who want to make a real style statement, there are almost endless choices of vibrant or interesting wall hung bathroom cabinets that fulfil the criteria of style as well as storage.

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