Choosing Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors from Bella BathroomsThere are a whole host of mirrors on the market included in our bathroom accessories collection which are designed especially for bathrooms in homes of the UK. Using different shapes and sizes can have different effects on the bathroom itself, this is because of the mirrors most infamous feature of reflecting light. Natural light changes the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Adding a luxury mirror in your bathroom could be the best choice for your home. The mirror can add a unique sense of style which puts your own stamp on the wall without using artwork. The mirror can be round, oval, rectangular build into a frame or not as the case may be. The mirror you decide should have a considered size range so that it fits with perfectly with the existing decor and suite layout.

The size of the bathroom which the mirror will be fitted into has to be considered. A mirror with lights has dramatic effects on a smaller sized bathroom because it gives the feel the room size being larger than it actually is. In larger sized bathrooms the mirror should have a modern twist by being frameless and have inset lights along the edge.

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