Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Luxury Bathroom Tiles

statement-black-and-white-damaskWhen it comes to choosing bathroom tiles there are many things to take into account such as the shape, style, size, material, colour and the pattern of the tile. When choosing the tiles for your bathroom you should take your time to choose the right ones as this can add value to your home. Along with choosing the tile itself you also have to think about the layout or design of the tiles once they are in your bathroom. Placing the tiles is crucial to the overall look of the bathroom.

Light-tilesIf you are looking to make your bathroom feel bigger then it would be a good idea to use light coloured tiles such as cream or white as these tiles reflect more light than darker tiles giving the impression that the room is bigger, another way that this can be done is by using the same colour floor tiles as the wall tiles or alternatively by using a similar coloured grout to your tiles. If it is a modern look that you are after then; solid colours should be placed on a plain background to create a contemporary feel.

3D-tilesThe shapes of the tiles can also affect the feel of the room. The harlequin design pattern uses a diamond shaped tiles which is usually just a standard square tile turned on a 45 degree angle. By using a black and white colour scheme with white bathroom furniture, this shape can give a very expensive look to your bathroom but without the extra cost.

Another aspect to take into account when choosing a tile is the durability and water resistance. For example when choosing a tile to place next to the bath or shower it is a good idea not to have a tile which is glazed or marble as these may increase the chance that the floor will become slippery and this may be dangerous, for this situation it would be best to chose a tile such as slate which has a rough texture allowing for more grip on the surface, as commonly the rougher the texture of the tile the less slippery it will become. Modern BathroomAnother situation is when you are choosing a tile for a countertop, this tile will have to be durable enough to withstand items being placed and moved across it every day, so it is a good idea to have a tile with a glaze on it as this provides a protective layer on the title so that it is not damaged.

The final thing to look at when buying tiles is the size. If your bathroom is small and everything is close together then smaller tiles would be better as it would require less cutting around different obstacles, giving your bathroom a more flowing feel. If your bathroom is larger then you have the luxury of larger tiles this will give a sleek look to your bathroom also combined with smaller tiles to create a border can make your bathroom look fantastic. Check out our fantastic range of tiles to help you create the perfect style for your own bathroom. If you have found this blog useful in helping you to select the ideal tiles then you may also find our buyers guide useful too!