Choosing Shower Doors

Shower doors are probably the most important part of any shower enclosure. The type of door that you choose is entirely down to personal preference or the type of bathroom that you own. There are options available for both small and larger bathrooms. Sliding and bi-fold doors are great space saving options there as pivot, hinged and saloon doors will allow you to access your shower enclosure with ease.

For smaller bathrooms the only two choices that you really have are sliding and bi-fold doors as they open within the confines of the shower enclosure meaning that no extra space is required. Although sliding doors are classed as space saving they are usually only available in larger sizes such as 1000mm+ as they have to slide along the length of the panel, this is why it is probably a better idea to choice a bi-fold door as they are generally available in all sizes large and small.

Larger bathrooms however will allow you to have doors which open outwards such as pivot, saloon and hinged meaning that you can enter and exit your shower with ease. These types of shower door are usually available in a wide range of sizes so they should be suitable for almost any enclosure. All of these doors open outwards away from the enclosure which means that you will have to leave more room when planning your bathroom. These doors are also available in a number of door options such as 1 and 2 door versions and also the saloon door option.

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