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Choosing The Perfect Bath Panels for Your Bathroom

Bath panels are an essential part of any bathroom suite; they create a clean-cut finish to your bathroom by covering any remaining pipework which would ruin the overall look of your bathroom, while also protecting vital fixtures and fixings. With many styles and finishes available, choosing the correct bath panels for your bathroom has never been easier.

We have a generous range of bath panel ideas for you to choose from which you can view online. Follow our handy guide to help you select the perfect panels to complement your bathroom suite.

Things to Consider When Choosing Bath Panels:

There are a few considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing a bath panel for your bath. Whether you’re set on a particular style or have no idea at all, here’s everything to know about these types of bathroom products.


A key element in choosing your new bath panel is making sure you get the correct size for your bath, so making sure your measurements are accurate is vital. Bath panels create a neat finish for your bath so you want to ensure you achieve this finish – you will be pleased to know many of our baths come with the suggested panels to help you out!

Depending on your bathroom set up, you may also need to decide if you need a panel for the end of the bath or both the side and end panel. You will need panels for any sides of the bath that aren’t fitted to your bathroom wall.


There are various styles of bath panel and the look you want to achieve in your bathroom will depend on whether you choose traditional wooden bath panels or a modern acrylic option.

The wooden panels are available in different shades to best match any bathroom furniture you may have, whilst the plastic versions will help you to create a seamless feel to your modern space. White bath panels are still the most popular as they match the most popular colour theme of contemporary bathroom suites.

To introduce a splash of colour into your bathroom, you may like the selection of coloured bath panels available to brighten up your bathroom. With shades of creams, greys, black, and even pistachio available, you can really become creative with your bathroom design with the addition of these beautiful bath panels.

There are many high-quality bath choices available to purchase and with developments in materials, maintaining them has become much easier. However, wooden options will still need to be monitored to ensure they maintain their finish and look.

Additional Extras

Many panels come with new modern features such as an unfold and fit option, making installation even easier and some bath panels have the option of storage access, allowing you to utilise the empty space under your bath.

Storage bath panels are ideal for smaller bathroom spaces as they allow you to hide away any bathroom essentials that may make your bathroom appear cluttered. You can never have too much storage space in a bathroom for spares such as toilet rolls or necessities like bleach and cleaners.

At Bella Bathrooms, we stock a large selection of stylish choices in various colours, sizes, and finishes for every bathroom at competitively discounted prices.

Choosing a new bath panel can allow you to update the look of any bathroom without the stress and cost of replacing the entire bathroom suite – at Bella Bathrooms, we can help you choose the perfect bath panel to create your dream look.

Should I get bath panels?

Deciding whether you should get bath panels or not is a good place to start. When buying a bath, you should be assessing if bath panels are needed as this can inevitably add to the overall costs of the bathtub itself. The most common types of bathtubs that require these products include straight bath designs, shower-baths, and corner tubs.

When choosing a bath on our website, you’ll find advice as to which bath panel design is compatible with your choice. Whether you want to create a groove bath or a shaker-style bath, you’ll find all the options available to you.

Many different bath designs do require panels and, without them, you will have pipework on display which is an eye-sore. Just be sure to carry out your research regarding panelled bath choices and ask for advice where needed.

Types of Baths which require panels

Before browsing bath panel ideas, it’s a good idea to get to know the various types of baths that require a panel. Below, we’ve provided an overview of each to help you choose the right type of bath for your own space.

Straight baths

This is one of the most common bath models and they require a bath panel to complete the look. When shopping for a straight bath, look for a bath front panel and side panel to complete the installation. Straight baths are the cheapest option when it comes to panelling, making them ideal for those on a budget.



Shower baths

If you choose a shower bath, you will require more than one panel that is specifically designed for the extra width you find in corner bath models. Doubling up as shower enclosures, these baths are much wider than a standard straight bath.




Corner baths

A corner bath will require more than one bath panel to complete its installation. You will need both of the end and side panels to hide the plumbing work. Corner baths can use either plastic or wooden bathtub panels, as can every other type of bath design too.


Free-standing baths

A free-standing bath will not require a bath panel since this type of bath is designed as a complete product. While these type of baths are more expensive, they require less installation effort.



Bath panel colours and finish options

Unsure of which panel or colour to go for when shopping different bath styles? Bath panels come in various different colours, meaning that you can accessorise your interior to match your personal preference. For a modern space, you may choose to go for a graphite grey to create a statement look or a deep blue, for example.

On the other hand, a white bath panel or natural wooden colour will suit a traditional space. Depending on the colour scheme that you have in mind, a bath panel can be a fun way to add a splash of colour in the space. In addition to adding decor to a bathroom, panels can also double up for storage ideas too.

The space underneath a bath can be a great place to hide away bathroom accessories, as some bath panel products are conveniently removable.

Bath panel materials

There are various bath panel materials to choose but the most common are acrylic and wood. Many bathrooms use acrylic bath panels as they’re economic and durable, lasting for years. If you’re curious to learn about the differences and advantages between these two materials for a bath panel, read on.


An acrylic panel bath is going to provide durability and won’t break easily, although some cheaper options are still likely to get damaged over time. With this said, the hard plastic bath panel offers plenty of choices when it comes to colours. From classic white to matte black, these easy-to-install panels are certainly practical and diverse.


Wooden bath panel ideas are great if you’re seeking to add warmth or a natural touch to your bathroom space. You will still have a choice when it comes to colours and often a wood panel will come as part of a full furniture range. This means that you can easily create a modern and consistent look in your bathroom when choosing a wood shaker style bath end.

Fitting a bath panel

The installation of a bath panel is a fairly straightforward bathroom DIY task. In fact, you can usually fit a new bath panel in a matter of hours. Of course, there are different sections to consider and the process of fitting an acrylic bath panel vs a wooden one will vary slightly.

You should begin with the side panel and put this in place before moving onto the other panels. Timber is needed to assist with the fitting on each panel and the rebate will allow you to judge exactly where the panels should be positioned.

Always follow the exact bath panel installation process to ensure that the panel is fitted securely and won’t need to be repaired in the immediate future.

Tiling your bath panel

Tiling a bath panel can help you to integrate your new bath into any existing bathroom interior easily. You can buy ready-to-tile bath panels at Bella Bathrooms which offer complete practicality and minimal fuss when it comes to tiling.

When tiling a straight bath, the side bath panel will be the most visible. Therefore, if you’re not confident with tiling a bath panel or have no experience, always enlist the help of a professional who can help with bathroom suite decor. You won’t be limited when it comes to fitting tiles to a bath either, as there are many ways to make a panel look attractive this way.

Large white subway tiles can bring about an effortlessly contemporary look and work well if you want to match your bath with the bathroom walls. On the other hand, you can go for a bolder tile finish with various patterns and colours too.


Do you have some more FAQs surrounding bath panel ideas? Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding this type of bathroom product.

Are bath panels a standard size?

Bath panels come in a range of sizes to accommodate different needs. Bath manufacturers offer products in several sizes for various types of baths, inclusive of straight models, corner tubs, and shower baths too. You can find standard sized bath panels which are suitable for straight baths. Always revise any information regarding sizing as this can be one of the most important aspects of installing any bath.

Which is the best bath panel?

At Bella Bathrooms, we stock a range of bath panels to suit your bathtub needs. The RAK Washington Greige end panel is a great option for a straight tub and the colour will instantly add character to any bathroom interior.

If you’re seeking a wooden bath panel, the Hudson Reed Fusion Oak End model is one of our most popular products. The natural wood adds elegance and a subtle colour without being overbearing. This is a great choice for any nature- or nautical-themed space.

How do you secure a bath panel?

A bath panel is secured using screws and sealant to keep it positioned in place. If you’re fitting a bath panel into a family bathroom it’s important to ensure that the panel is fixed permanently, especially if young children are in the room.

Make sure to turn to professional help if you feel that the DIY project is too big of a task for you to carry out independently. Depending on the thickness and shape of the bath, the installation process can take longer to complete.

How do you make a wooden bath panel?

Some people take the task of fitting a corner bath panel a step further by crafting their own wooden panel. You can find tutorials online which will guide you through the process of doing so, though all you’ll need is some strong wood, such as timber, varnish, and a drill.

A shaker-style bath panel can be created very easily with the right set of tools and plan in place. When making a panel for your bath, you will need to build a frame before placing the wood into it. Making a panel can be difficult but nonetheless, it is a rewarding task that will definitely give a sense of satisfaction.