Choosing The Perfect Bath Panels for Your Bathroom

White Bath Panels Bath panels are an essential part of any bathroom suite; they create a clean cut finish to your bathroom by covering any remaining pipe work which would ruin the overall look of your bathroom while also protecting vital fixtures and fixings. With many styles and finishes available choosing, the correct bath panels for your bathroom has never been easier. We have a generous range of bath panel ideas for you to choose from which you can view online. Follow our handy guide to help you select the perfect panels to compliment your bathroom suite.

Things to Consider When Choosing Bath Panels:


End PanelA key element in choosing your new bath panel is making sure you get the correct size for your bath, so making sure your measurements are accurate is vital. Bath panels create a neat finish for your bath so you want to ensure you achieve this finish – you will be pleased to know many of our baths come with the suggested panels to help you out! Depending on your bathroom set up you may also need to decide if you need an end panel or both the side and end panel. You basically need panels for any sides of the bath that aren’t fitted to your bathroom wall.


Wooden Bath Panel There are various styles of bath panel and depending on the look you want to achieve in your bathroom will depend on whether you choose traditional wooden bath panels or a modern acrylic option. The wooden panels are available in differing shades to best match any bathroom furniture you may have whilst the acrylic bath panels will help you to create a seamless feel to your modern bathroom space. White bath panels are still the most popular as they match the white of contemporary bathroom suites. Coloured Bath Panels

To introduce a splash of colour into your bathroom you may like the selection of coloured bath panels now available to brighten up your bathroom. With shades of creams, greys, black and even pistachio available you can really become creative with your bathroom design with the addition of these beautiful bath panels. There are many high quality bath panels available to purchase and with developments in materials, maintaining them has become much easier although wooden panels will still need to be monitored to ensure they maintain their finish and look.

Additional Extras

Storage Bath Panels Many panels come with new modern features such as an unfold and fit option making installation even easier and  some bath panels have the option of storage access allowing you to utilise the empty space under your bath. Storage bath panels are ideal for smaller bathroom spaces as they allow you to hide away any bathroom essentials that may make your bathroom appear cluttered. You can never have too much storage space in a bathroom for spares such as toilet rolls or necessities such as bleach and cleaners.

Here at Bella Bathrooms, we stock a large selection of stylish bath panels in various colours, sizes and finishes for every bathroom at competitively discounted prices. Choosing a new bath panel can allow you to update the look of any bathroom without the stress and cost or replacing the entire bathroom suite, at Bella Bathrooms we can help you choose the perfect bath panel to create your dream bathroom look!