Choosing the Perfect Bath

April Slipper BathMany consider the bath to be one of the most important features of their home’s bathroom (and with a name like ‘bath-room’, who would blame them?). Everyone has a different idea of what purpose their bath should fulfil; some believe it should be a place of sanctuary where they can languish after a long day at work. Some want integrated shower baths so their bath can be a place of rejuvenation and the shower for early morning invigoration to give them the best of both worlds. Some want opulence where others prefer functionality, and some want all of the above. We have compiled a handy guide which sets out exactly what to take into consideration when deciding on the perfect bath for your bathroom suite.

Step by Step Guide to choosing the Perfect Bath:

1. Shape

There are two basic bath shapes that many people will have to choose from; the classic rectangular bath with panels around the outside, or the freestanding bath in a more rounded shape.

Frontline Shower BathThe shape of a bath is important when considering its function; rectangular baths will be more suitable for those who wish to place a shower over their bath as the flat rim gives traction for a shower screen or glass partition to be fitted. If you don’t have the room or the budget for a separate bath and shower, choose an integrated shower bath, which are shorter and deeper than regular baths and have a shower over them; these are more suited for those with small bathrooms who still wish to have the option of showering or bathing. Freestanding baths are best placed in large bathrooms where you can move round the entire unit.

2. Size

Corner BathThe conventional British bathroom is the smallest room in the house, and this is reflected in the vast majority of bath sizes that are on the UK market today. The most popular rectangular bath sizes start from around 1700mm x 700mm. Larger baths go up to 1200mm x 1000mm, and corner baths have a fairly standard 1400mm x 1400mm size for bathrooms that are more oddly shaped. Corner baths are perfect for smaller spaces yet they still provide you with a generous area for bathing in. There are also plenty of small bath designs now available in more compact dimensions to ensure most bathrooms can now accomodate a bath.

3. Material

The material of the bath will often need to be consistent with the rest of the décor in the bathroom, but with a wide range of different materials, textures and styles available, this is simpler than ever.


Single Ended Bath
An acrylic bath is generally the cheapest option, though if this is the chosen bath material, a high-quality Lucite acrylic is recommended. The acrylic retains heat to a high standard, is fairly lightweight and provides a sturdy bath with decent insulation. The perfect basic bathing solution making acrylic baths particularly popular and we offer a generous selection of them for you to choose from.


Steel Baths
Believe it or not, steel is an excellent material for a bath, though it might not be the most aesthetically popular with those in the UK, who generally prefer sleek white lines and conventional styles. It is highly durable and is often guaranteed for up to thirty years. It will not become scratched over time, and it is easily maintained meaning there are plenty of benefits in selecting one from the range of steel baths.


Monochrome Tiling
The cast-iron bath is the fairytale bath; largely used to make freestanding baths, cast iron can be painted in a colour of the customer’s choice and can easily be changed to match the scheme of a bathroom. Many are undersealed for added protection and there are a select few models which have two layers of stain resistant enamel added to them to keep them in prime condition.


Copper Bath
A copper bath heats up quickly and stays that way for a very long time; perfect for those who love a long, hot bath with a glass of wine and a good book. These are more suited to period or vintage-style rooms, and like the cast-iron bath, are generally freestanding baths rather than rectangular.

Please take a look at our extensive range of baths here at Bella Bathrooms as we are sure we will have the perfect bath for you no matter what size you need or style you prefer!