Choosing the perfect Shower Enclosure

If you have set your heart on a new shower enclosure to update your bathroom it is important to decide on which style and finish is best for your bathroom, to help create the overall look you want. In order to choose the correct shower enclosure for your bathroom the first and most important thing to find out is the space you have available for the enclosure as this will affect the type of enclosure you can choose from.

How much Space do you have available?

Smaller Area

If you only have a small amount of space available or your bathroom is an unusual shape you may want to look at a square enclosure or a simple shower door that can fit into an alcove recess or small corner of a bathroom with one side panel.

Larger Spaces

If you have more space available, then a quadrant or offset quadrant will add an extra touch of luxury to your bathroom with its soft curved design the quadrant gives maximum showering space without protruding into the rest of your bathroom. To really enhance your bathroom you could choose the ultimate extravagance by creating your own wet room for that added touch of glamour.

Shower Enclosures

Other points to Consider?

Type Of Shower Door

When choosing a shower enclosure it’s important to take into account the style of doors on the enclosure, if you are limited for space a pivot door would open out into your bathroom so to maximise functionality it may be more effective to choose a bi-fold door which opens into the enclosure. If you are choosing a larger enclosure most of these products include sliding shower doors meaning they do not impose further into your bathroom for greater choice. We offer a generous selection of different shower door types to complete your ideal enclosure.

Added Extras

When choosing your dream shower enclosure it is important to look out for added extras that come with many new shower enclosures you may pay slightly more but for the vast increase in quality it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Many extra features include an increase in glass thickness for safety, clean and clear glass treatments which minimise the time spent cleaning your enclosure and also quick release runners for when you are cleaning your enclosure, the doors can be cleaned thoroughly. At we believe in providing the highest quality products for our customers so much so, most of our enclosures come with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantees.