Choosing the Right Bath for your Bathroom

choosing the right Bath for your Bathroom

More often than not the bath is a focal point to any bathroom so choosing the correct one for your bathroom is very important to the overall look and feel to your new bathroom. We stock a vast range to suit an array of bathroom spaces from compact baths for small bathroom spaces to lavish whirlpool versions to create a spa in your own home. You will be amazed at the variety on offer to you from space saving corner baths to the versatile shower baths. Such is the range of options on offer there are many factors to take into account when choosing the perfect one for your bathroom.


What to Consider?

What Size & Style are you going for?

The main factors will of course be size and style that will work with your bathroom. In many homes size can be an issue but it should not mean a compromise of style we offer a selection of space saving shower baths which means you can have the best of both worlds without the bath imposing on the limited bathroom space available. The shape of your bathroom will also dictate what type of bath will work with your space, if your bathroom suite has all its fixtures and fitting at the sides to allow for more floor space, if you were to then go and put a large freestanding model in the centre of the room this will obviously limit the fixtures you can include into your bathroom and also how multi functional your bathroom will be.

How Often do you take a Bath?

Another key point to think about when choosing your bath is how often you use it, if you are a regular bather choosing a freestanding bath maybe not be the best choice as they do take time to fill the bath as they are much larger than your standard rectangular bath so waiting a long time for your bath maybe not the best choice in a busy house hold. If you take a bath as a source of relaxation on a weekend after a busy week then a more luxurious freestanding bath may be better suited to your uses as you can take time to really indulge after the working week. Taking into account your available water pressure is also important when choosing a bath, if you have very low pressure and you install a free standing bath you may be waiting some time to fill your bath. Our handy Water Pressure Guide will help you find out the water pressure available in your home, however if in doubt always consult a professional.

If you need more help deciding on which bath will be best for your bathroom space then check out our Buyer's Guide to Baths blog post.