Choosing the Right Shower Door for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is an essential space for any home owner and therefore its design and style should be carefully considered when carrying out any bathroom renovation. A well thought out bathroom renovation can not only improve both the style and performance of your bathroom but also make it attractive to potential buyers should you need to sell your home in the future. Thinking carefully about what to include in your bathroom is crucial as bathroom fixtures are costly to continually alter. If you are lucky enough to have a decent size bathroom we would suggest adding a separate shower enclosure as this is becoming a highly sought after luxury item.

Intro Shower DoorShower enclosures are a great addition to any bathroom space as they are both economic and eco-friendly. In general they tend to use less water than a bath and in the case of electric showers you are only heating up the water that is going to be used. There are a huge variety of different shapes and sizes shower enclosures available so you can choose the best fit for your given space. Once these decisions have been made you must choose the shower door to accompany it. Choosing the right shower door is important because each type can take up a different amount of space and it will also alter your showering experience. Doors come in various shapes and sizes and it is important to spend a reasonable amount of time considering which one would fit your bathroom the best.

Follow our helpful guide to the different types of shower doors available to make selecting the correct one for your shower space more straightforward.

What Types of Shower Doors are Available?

Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged-shower-doorThese doors are a regular style of shower door which open out into the bathroom area making your entrance and exit to the shower very straightforward. The side hinges provide this easy access and can be either a single or double door. This style of door will typically suit a larger bathroom which has the space to allow the opening of the door to be unrestricted. Hinged shower doors make every bathroom appear more luxurious and spacious whilst keeping your shower enclosure tightly sealed ensuring no water escapes. They are well suited to round shower enclosures as the curved glass on these hinged shower doors create a feeling of grandeur and really maximizes the showering space.

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot Shower DoorPivot shower doors are not unlike the hinged versions in that they open via a hinged system but this style of shower door actually opens into the enclosure. The doors ‘pivot’ on a top and bottom pins of the shower frame and allows the door to open as close to the wall as is possible. This leaves you a generous space for entering and leaving the shower giving the user easy access. This style of shower door uses the space within your shower more efficiently than the hinged versions so will suit a greater variety of bathroom spaces. Pivot shower doors can be attached to the wall or an additional panel depending on the size of your enclosure. Just be careful to remove anything from inside the shower enclosure which may inhibit it opening or closing smoothly.

Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower DoorIf you have a slightly smaller bathroom space then a sliding shower door is the ideal solution. These doors simply glide open or shut along smooth runners to allow you access to the shower area. The other benefit of this style of shower door is that it doesn’t take any space within the enclosure for you to open. This allows you to fit your enclosure quite close to other bathroom suite items as you don’t have to consider the opening of the doors. Sliding shower doors are available in both single and double door versions depending on the size of your enclosure. This style of shower door is very popular in modern bathroom spaces and can be used on both rounded and straight enclosure shapes.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Bi-Fold Shower DoorBi-Fold doors are similar to the sliding door versions in that they are popular for more space compromised bathroom spaces. Bi-fold shower doors work by folding in on themselves so that you are not sacrificing any floor space outside of the enclosure. The glass panels that make up the door concertina neatly to provide you with a generous entry are to your enclosure. However, it is important to remember that the bi-fold door will intrude in on the showering space; therefore it is not always a popular option for less able bodied people. Bi-Fold shower doors are a very good option for alcove areas as they allow this generous entry without impinging on the rest of the room.

Whichever style of shower door you think will suit either you bathroom space or is your personal preference you will be pleased to know that most of these shower doors are available with either a left or right orientation. This will help you to best fit your enclosure in your given bathroom area. Browse our fantastic range of shower doors here at Bella Bathrooms to help you create that luxury shower enclosure in your bathroom today.

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