How to Clean Chrome

Many household fixtures including bathroom accessories and bathroom taps are crafted out of chrome. It’s a natural choice because of its durable, solid, strong and tenacious nature. It also looks beautiful and adds a luxury feel to any space, even ones built on a tight budget. In this blog we discuss how to clean chrome so your bathroom has a gleaming finish. Despite its resilience, as with all aspects of the home, it requires maintenance in order to preserve its lustre and bring out its sheen. Mildew, mould, soap scum, water marks, staining and rust can all tarnish chrome fixtures in your bathroom. Luckily, it is easy to keep chrome clean, protected and untarnished with several economically viable options.

How to Clean Chrome:

Chrome Cleaning Tips

Be Prepared

  • If you can get into a cleaning routine then your chrome will benefit greatly. Preventative measures are more effective than cures so the more you clean your chrome, the less likely it is that a chrome tap or showerhead will retain too much damage. Get into the habit of cleaning chrome on a regular basis.
  • There are so many products that you can use to clean chrome. Vinegar, soapy water, coke, tea, baby wipes, baby oil, nail polish remover, baking soda fused with a lime or lemon, rubbing oil, flour, eucalyptus oil, water with salt, aluminium foil, bleach and a vast assortment of man-made cleaning products especially designed to benefit chrome can be used. Whether you decide upon a product you buy in-store or one you’ve found in your fridge, chrome will respond well.
  • Have to hand a wash rag, cloth, sponge, squeegee, brush or mop depending on what kind of area you are cleaning. Small areas can be reached using an old toothbrush or cotton wads and buds. These items will show up any dirt and grime so they are highly effective.

How to Clean Chrome

To Begin

  • Spray your chosen product onto all chrome areas and allow to sit and soak. You can also brush or dab your product onto the necessary areas.
  • Stay from abrasive cleaners or materials, such as sandpaper. They will only damage your chrome.
  • Once your fixture has soaked, give it a good thorough scrub. You may need to repeat this process with highly stubborn stains that won’t budge. There is no recommended time to allow stains to soak. Depending on the intensity of the stain anywhere between 10 minutes to one hour might suit.
  • Once you have brushed, scrubbed and cleaned the damage away, run hot water over your fixtures for one final mammoth clean and dry your fixtures with a cloth or rag.

Have a Weekly Cleaning Regime

  • Remember to incorporate these techniques into your weekly cleaning regime. You don’t have to use the same product each time. Focus on which products work better for which ailments. For example, baby oil is great at giving a powerfully bright and shiny finish whilst rust can be banished with aluminium foils soaked in cola.
  • Talk to friends and family members to see which methods they prefer to use and which they find most effective for particular problems.
  • Remember that chrome is a highly durable and reliable metal with the potential for great longevity. The more you care and clean for it, the more storms your bathroom will weather and the less work you’ll have to do later.