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Cool Cloakroom Suites

Cool Cloakroom Suites

The Rak Series 600 cloakroom suite with wall hung basin

Cloakroom Suites are a common feature in many houses nowadays, as the modern family increasingly finds that having just one bathroom is not enough for their needs. Whether they are tiny spaces with just enough room for a toilet and basin, or slightly more spacious, adding a cloakroom to a home can bring an element of ease and convenience to the property. Getting the best out of a cloakroom means learning how to work with the more confined space. Fortunately there is an increasing number of purpose built compact cloakroom suites to choose from, with proper cloakroom vanity units, cloakroom basins and pedestals and even smaller cloakroom toilets all widely available from Bella Bathrooms.

Things to Consider when Designing Cloakroom Suites:

Create a Spacious Feel

The cloakroom will most likely be the smallest room in the house, so attempting to make it feel spacious is important. Bathroom suites designed specifically for cloakrooms are essential, as their smaller dimensions fit easily into the more compact room. We have an extensive range of bathroom suites for you to choose from. Their attributes are also designed purposefully to fit into petite spaces, giving full functionality but with less of the bulk of a standard bathroom suite.

Clever Storage Ideas

Now that you’ve made the room feel more spacious, it’s time to maximise user functionality to ensure you can still enjoy and use the room to its maximum. Clever storage ideas are one of the best ways to make the best of a cloakroom; these rooms are often used, not just as a second bathroom suite, but also, as the name might suggest, a place to put coats. Winter coats that aren’t in use might be put in the cloakroom, along with heavy winter boots, umbrellas and other outdoor accessories. Employ a back-of-the-door storage system for the most convenient housing of these items; it keeps them out of the way when the door swings open and shut, and whilst guests are using the facilities.

Invest in a Vanity Unit

Another great way to maximise the space in this room is to utilise a vanity unit which combines a basin with integrated storage below. Many people use this space for different things; the household cleaners that don’t necessarily belong in the kitchen such as the shower screen spray or tile grout pen, the first-aid kit, or household appliances such as irons and hairdryers. Some simply use them as space for spare toiletries like shampoos, guest soaps and bath salts that would clutter up other bathrooms in the property. Either way, opting for a clever dual purpose fitting such as a corner fitting cloakroom vanity unit keeps clutter out of site to open up the space.

Cool Cloakroom Suites

Over the years, we’ve noticed that hundreds of people around the UK are choosing to decorate their downstairs toilet in more and more crazy ways, and that sounds like a great idea to us! From bathrooms wallpapered in movie posters to shelves full of trophies and awards, the smallest room in the house is the ideal place to express your personality and really let your imagination run wild. Your cloakroom can be eccentrically decorated, packed full of your secret collections or can even be the world’s smallest library so here are some reasons why you might want to personalize your loo and make it a talking point in your home:

Reasons to Personalize Cloakroom Suites:

1. Size doesn’t matter

It may be a small cloakroom suite or simply a downstairs loo tucked away under your stairs but even the smallest of conveniences can play host to a BIG personality. Bright paint colours, crazy accessories or unusual wall-coverings can all be combined to create the bathroom suite of your dreams without costing a fortune. We've recently come across a cloakroom toilet that was themed around the owner’s love of musicals, complete with signed show programmes on the walls and even ‘comedy and tragedy’ carpet tiles rescued from a nearby theatre that was being renovated – amazing stuff!

2. It’s a secret

The good thing about expressing your eccentricities in this room is that you can close it away and don’t need to look at it all the time. Unlike the walls of your living room, which are always on display, these tiny toilets are almost secret spaces where you can express yourself without it overpowering your daily life. If you love bright pink and sunshine yellow, why not paint your cloakroom walls with clashing stripes? If it will make you smile every time you use the bathroom, it will be worth it!

3. It’s a talking point

Do you have scary gothic accessories, photos of you meeting your idols or stacks of sheet music that you don’t know what to do with? Put them up in the cloakroom and wait for visitors! When guests come round they will have no idea what’s in store for them in your bathroom and you can point them in the direction of the loo with a smile on your face. Watch as friends spend more and more time in your cloakroom after you’ve pasted newspaper cuttings of your family’s achievements to the walls and enjoy the praise you’ll receive when they return from the littlest room impressed by your wacky design skills.

Do get in touch if these suggestions have inspired you to personalise your own downstairs cloakroom suites with a crazy theme. We want to hear all about your clashing colours, framed football memorabilia or barbed-wire loo seat so send us your photos on twitter to @BellaBathrooms.