Corner Toilets For Cloakroom Bathroom Suites

Corner Toilets for Cloakroom Suites

Vitra Layton Corner ToiletMany people are choosing to renovating their cupboard under the stairs into a small and compact bathroom suite. This makes the house on a whole much more accessible for guests and visitors alike. When renovating a smaller bathroom space, whether it is a cloakroom suite, cupboard under the stairs or en suite bathroom, there are several steps that you are required to take to ensure the compact space doesn't feel cramped or claustrophobic once everything is installed. To prevent this, manufacturers are bringing out new ceramics especially designed for tighter spaces. This includes wall hung toilets, wall hung furniture, and also corner toilets. Consequently corner basins and vanity units are also proving popular space saving solutions.

Corner Toilets: The Benefits

Corner toilets are excellent for smaller spaces. These toilets are especially designed with compact bathroom spaces in mind. They aim to give as much space as possible when using the toilet. Usually, bathroom toilets are installed parallel to the bathroom wall. However in a cloakroom bathroom, this may restrict the space that the user has available. Corner toilets sit neatly into the corner of the room utilising the unused area of a room. Thus helping to maximize the available floor space throughout the rest of the cloakroom area. Add comfort and reliability to your bathroom with a corner toilet today.

We offer an extensive range of cheap cloakroom suites which include our designer corner toilets. These suites are ideal for the most compact and awkward shaped bathroom areas.