Country Style Bathroom with roll top bath

The Best Country Bathroom Ideas for Rustic Bathrooms

Undeniably charming, country bathrooms offer a cosy and welcome retreat for relaxation. A stark contrast to the modern and minimal bathroom, for anybody that enjoys a traditional interior a country-style bathroom is likely going to satisfy. From warming earthy shades on the wall tiles to standalone baths, and of course all the finishing accessories, there’s plenty to admire about a rustic bathroom design.

If you are seeking inspiration to create your own country style bathroom, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered information on the top trends for farmhouse bathroom designs for you below. In addition to this, you’ll also find a list of 10 beautiful country bathroom pictures to help you create your ideal home bathroom, country style! Read on to find out how you can create your own traditional bathroom suite.

What is Popular in Traditional, Cottage Bathrooms?

When it comes to key trends in the country style bathroom category, you’re in for a treat. From the traditional cottage bathroom featuring wooden beams and pastel wallpaper choices to the modern country walk-in shower that utilises classic floor tiles.

A good place to start is with furniture for your country bathroom. One of the key characteristics of these types of bathrooms is the use of wood. From the sink vanity to the decorative accessories, incorporating wood can really help to set the style of a country bathroom.

In addition to the wooden accents, country style bathrooms also generally have a roll-top or free-standing bath. This helps to bring about the traditional feel to the bathroom and adds extra charm as well as a place to truly unwind and destress.

As you’ll come to see with the country bathroom designs below, oftentimes warm colour palettes are chosen to create a cosy atmosphere. This can be introduced in the wall paint or tiles you choose to use as well as other items such as bath mats, the shower curtain, flowers, and finishing accessories. We recommend staying away from white tiles as this can create more of a modern look rather than a country bathroom design.

The 10 Top Ideas for a Modern Country Style Bathroom Space

Below you will find our top 10 ideas for your own country bathroom design. From stunning free-standing baths paired with natural flooring to bursts of warming hues used across the space. Read on to view the most on-trend country style bathroom inspiration out there.

1. Free-Standing Baths

Starting with the bathtub which, of course, is the central feature of most bathrooms, you should always choose a free-standing option where possible. The charm of a standalone bath is unparalleled in a country bathroom and can really help to create a focal point.

Our advice is to steer away from contemporary designs and to focus more so on finding a bathtub with a traditional shape. While we’re not suggesting you search for a one-of-a-kind antique bathtub, there are many reasonably priced bathtubs that can add real character to your country bathroom.

Some of our favourites include a copper bath and classic white which can be styled to your liking with the surrounding fixtures, decorative finishes, and accessories.


Frontline Holborn white double ended freestanding bath


2. Neutral Colour Palette

A neutral colour palette is inviting to the eye and a hallmark feature of a country bathroom design. There are many beautiful colours to choose from when it comes to selecting paint or wallpaper for your bathroom. Pastel neutral colours work wonderfully and we advise choosing warm pink hues, beiges, browns, and oranges.

Though there are no definitive rules for selecting the shades and patterns of your wallpaper or paint when it comes to a country bathroom, you should try to avoid white walls. By choosing to go with white walls you can risk the area feeling cold and uninviting.

The walls of your bathroom will really set the scene for the furnishings that you choose, therefore the shade of your walls should be carefully considered. See the walls as a canvas for the bath and overall style of the area, the wrong tone can change the entire atmosphere of the space.


Neutral Colour Palette bathroom


3. Wooden Flooring

As mentioned, wood is a common material that is used throughout country bathroom spaces. The natural warming colour of wood brings about a truly rustic feel and look beautiful paired with a free-standing bath and classic accents. When choosing the floor for your bathroom there is no right or wrong wood tone. From rich darker tones of wood for the floor to light and bleached natural floorboards, each style will work superbly in a country bathroom.

If you have an existing wooden floor in your bathroom, consider cleaning it up a little with some sanding and varnish. Not only can this save you a considerable amount when it comes to flooring, but you may reveal characteristics in the floor you had never noticed before. If you are a fan of softer flooring, there is a way that you can bring this into the bathroom. Bath rugs look great on top of a wood floor and will ensure that you step out onto comfort when finished in the bath.


Hudson Reed Winterburn Roll Top Bath with Shower Screen



4. Ornate, Vintage Decor

Vintage decor belongs in any country bathroom, but this doesn’t mean you have to splash out the cash. In fact, you can often find great products in thrift shops, inclusive of accessories such as the taps, and decorative items. Our advice is to choose products that tie the existing look of your country bathroom together. Wooden frames can look beautiful on walls and are perfect for displaying art prints.

You may also consider installing a wooden shelf to display accessories such as antique sculptures and flowers above the bath to add extra style. Lighting is one area of the room where you can easily bring in ornate decor. While the eyes will naturally go to the focal point of the interior space (the bathtub) it will still scan the ceiling. Therefore, it can be a great idea to bring in a luxury floral fixture, for example, to really create that farmhouse feel.


5. Nature Motifs

Country bathroom interiors take heaps of inspiration from the outdoors and nature. Because of this, bringing the outside inside works remarkably well. Consider displaying nature motifs across your country bathroom to bring the look and feel of the space together.

Soft florals are extremely appealing to the eye and you may choose a feature wallpaper to tie this in. If you don’t want to incorporate wallpaper, you can bring nature motifs into the country bathroom through accents such as the towels and tiles in the shower.

For example, if you are using floor tiles in the shower area, why not choose a natural pattern to display. This could be something as simple as tiles that have leaf prints or a natural shape to them. There are plenty of ways to celebrate nature throughout your country bathroom, it just takes a little bit of creative thinking.


6. Wooden Furniture

Almost all country bathroom interiors choose to use wooden furniture and there’s a reason for this. Wooden furniture products bring about a rustic feel and a sense of age too. Because many country bathroom designs put an emphasis on classical features, wood works wonderfully in the room!

If you are unsure as to how to bring about wooden accents into the country scheme you’re designing, consider the bathroom sink as a starting point. Beautiful wood vanities underneath the basin will work extremely well while helping to make a statement in the space. In addition to the sink, another way to bring wood into the bathroom can be through simple furnishings such as a chair.

The materials that you use to create your country bathroom really set the mood for the overall atmosphere. In addition to celebrating any natural features, by furnishing with wooden products you will really bring the overall look together.


7. Ornate Taps

When it comes to selecting the finishing touches to help make your country bathroom feel as authentic as possible, you should certainly consider taps. Our advice is to select taps that have a traditional style and an ornate edge. When installing into your bath or sink, choose taps that fit in with the country scheme and utilise materials such as brass which has a naturally rustic feel.

You can find many different statement taps that can be used across your country bathroom suite. From brass and copper materials to long taps that have a Victorian-esque touch. Be sure to avoid shiny chrome where you can as this style of tap will certainly stand out from the existing scheme that you have created so carefully.


Ornate Taps on a roll top bath



8. Metal Hooks and Racks

If you plan on wearing your robe while using your new bathroom suite, you’ll need some storage or at least hooks to hang it on when not in use. The same applies to towels in the bathroom too, as a rack will be needed to keep them dry and off the floor. As with the other accents in your country bathroom, accessories such as hooks and racks should be tied in with the rustic theme.

The walls in your bathroom space can be utilised and antique style hooks can be installed in just a matter of minutes. Therefore, why not consider adding hooks as some final decorative (and practical) elements in the space? While they’re not essential for all bathrooms, hooks on the wall can be used for towels, robes, linen, and even storage pouches.

In addition to fixing hooks on your bathroom wall, a wooden towel rack is a finishing accent that will certainly be used. Positioned beside the free-standing bath, this decorative touch is the ideal way to store towels when not in use. You may also want to consider other practical finishes such as a wall-fitted soap dispenser while installing hooks into your bathroom.


9. Gilded Mirrors

Once you have perfected the textiles (curtains and towels), as well as the bathroom furniture and tiles, it’s time to think about the finishing decor. No bathroom is complete without a mirror and, in the case of a country interior, a gilded antique mirror should be on your checklist. This simple piece of decor will add the illusion of extra space in your bathroom and can transform the entire look of the interior.

Gilded mirrors work exceptionally well in this type of bathroom as they add a decorative element to walls and carry through the antique aesthetic.

The style of the frame will bring your rustic look together while adding extra interest to the eye and providing a practical view of one’s self when needed. These types of mirror can be found in most thrift or antique stores and add a real decorative touch to any bathroom, particularly if it has a country theme!


10. Flowers and Vases

Flowers look great in any room of the home, but they can look very pretty in a bathroom! If you are seeking simple inspiration for styling your rustic bathroom, you should definitely arrange some bouquets in vases for display. Whether you want to display them on the built-in window seat or simply next to the bathtub, they will add the finishing touch that you need in your country bathroom.

Dry flower arrangements can be a cheap alternative to fresh flowers (and they require less maintenance too). The way they look when teamed with other finishing decors can really transform the whole atmosphere of your bathroom.

Choose traditional ceramic or wood vases for displaying the florals, and don’t be afraid of introducing colour too. Pinks and purples or reds and oranges add a real touch of natural beauty into any space in the form of plants and flowers.

Many designers use flower displays throughout interiors and the bathroom is never forgotten. This simple touch is going to add extra style and warmth into the space to bring out the other features.