Country Bathroom Ideas: A Departure from Minimalism

Minimalist bathrooms have been all the rage for years – their sleek lines and barely-there fittings and fixtures are low maintenance, and the style looks great in rooms large and small. But for those who want something a little different for the bathroom in their home, why not try a traditional bathroom suite? Complete with rubbed wood surfaces, a quaint colour palette and accents that include ornate chairs, plenty of flowers and beautifully carved dressers. Read our blog to find out which country bathroom ideas will suit your home.

What are the Popular Country Bathroom Ideas?

Country Bathrooms


Colour palettes for country bathrooms tend to be fairly light and airy – a white base combined with pastel pink and the palest of greens would make a lovely start. Also popular are the woody themes, which combine shades of beige and light brown to create an authentic, almost barn-like feel.


Wooden bathroom furniture is very popular in country-style bathrooms because it helps to create a look known as ‘shabby-chic’. It is important that the wood is not in great condition (or if it is, it is made to look worn and vintage) and for the paint job not to be perfect; the charm is in the fact that the bathroom looks aged, loved and used. Many people choose ornate dressers, cabinets and chairs to introduce wood, and shelving units are easy to knock together yourself for a more personalised addition to the room. Stepladders painted and made to look older than their years make great storage spaces for towels and extra bottles, and they give that ‘straight-from-the-farmyard’ sort of look with ease.

Adding Extra Touches


Wooden flooring also looks great in a vintage, country-themed bathroom. Whether it is varnished or painted, it can be completely altered to fit the look of the rest of the room, which can be more difficult with tiles. It is important when installing real wood floors to get them professionally fitted to minimise the risk of leaks between the boards.


Just because shabby wood is one of the main features of a traditional bathroom, doesn’t mean there can’t be an element of decadence in there too. Opt for ornate soap dishes and bottles ensure your taps and fittings are burnished brass or gold, and add elegant lampshades and candles to bring the room’s luxury status right up.


The countryside look is also enhanced by natural elements, so introducing plants or flowers into the room is a wonderful way to embrace the look fully. Attach a wreath to a window or line up potted plants on the windowsill to give guests the feeling that you are at one with nature. If humidity is an issue in the bathroom, invest in fake flowers that will bloom white or pink all year round.

Achieving the country style theme in your bathroom has never been easier such is the varied range of traditional bathroom ideas on offer. You will truly be spoilt for choice!