How To: Create a Bathroom that Stands the Test of Time

The bathroom is considered one of the most expensive rooms in the house to remodel or renovate; when you consider the relative size of the bathroom compared to the other rooms in most properties, inch for inch it is the most expensive room by far. However, the bathroom is possibly the one room in the house which is used on a daily basis, multiple times, by every family member and many guests. It is important, with the bathroom being such a commonly used room, that the proper investment is made to ensure the bathroom lasts and will serve a family well into the future. Designer bathroom experts Bella Bathrooms list their top tips for creating a durable yet stylish bathroom that will remain functional and attractive far into the future.

Top Tips for a Durable & Stylish Bathroom:

1. Don’t Cut Corners

Create a Bathrooms that Stands the Test of Time

Many people renovating their homes are primarily concerned with the aesthetic of their luxury bathrooms; the superficially pretty features aren't always the most suitable. When choosing everything from tiles to taps, it is crucial to consider how much usage that these items will see over the course of the next decade or so. They will be used many thousands of times, and the investment made in them needs to reflect this. Class and style go side by side with good quality; the aesthetic will benefit more from durable, high-quality products than it will from superficial fittings and fixtures that will be worn out in two years.

2. Invest in Heating Options

There are a number of very popular heating options available for use within bathrooms that will see the homeowners stood in good stead for many years to come. From underfloor heating to chrome designer towel rails, gone are the days where bathrooms were solely heated by a single radiator in the corner. It is now possible to create a warming and comforting space, where stepping out of the shower onto cold tiles or getting out of a hot, steamy bath in the middle of December is not such an unpleasant experience. These heating options are always worth investing in, as they will last for many years and reduce discomfort during long winter months.

3. Budget

Some people will have huge budgets with which to renovate their bathroom, and will decide to remove the existing bathroom suite entirely and start from scratch. However, many will be on much smaller budgets and will need to prioritise based on what they can afford to alter. Here at Bella Bathrooms we aim to provide a collection of luxury bathroom suites that are affordable across a range of budgets. Ripping out the whole floor and installing underfloor heating might not be a viable option for some, but installing a vertical heated towel rail might be right within the budget boundaries. A roll-top bath might be off the table for many, but those on smaller budgets can enjoy an integrated bath and shower with the use of bath shower mixer taps and hand held showerheads. There are ways in which everyone can alter their bathroom for the better, it is simply a case of finding the solution to best suit a budget.

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