Create A Romantic Spa for Valentine’s

Creating a romantic spa for valentines

Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity to show someone just how much you care about them. Rather than splashing out on expensive and cliché gifts, why not do something special for the love of your life and spend a little time and effort preparing the ultimate treat for them: a homemade Valentine’s spa package.

The beauty of this special treat is that, with a little forward planning, you can enjoy it together and can spend a relaxing day in the comfort of your own luxury bathroom suite. Whether you have a spa bath or simply like to relax in a pool of floating petals, here are some ideas to kick-start your preparations to create a romantic retreat at home:

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How to Create a Romantic Retreat in the Bathroom:

Valentines Candles

1. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere

Firstly, start with a thorough clean of the bathroom suite and put away any products that are hanging around in order to give you a blank canvas in which to create your romantic spa. Keep the room warm, run a deep bath, dim the lights or use candles to create a cosy glow.

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2. Indulge the senses

Scent plays a big part in the ambience of luxury spas so consider this when planning your Valentine’s surprise. Light scented candles, warm aromatic oils in a burner and arrange a bunch of delicately perfumed roses in a vase – even sprinkle some petals into the bath water to make the room look even more romantic. Pop open some bubbly and enjoy a glass of wine while you relax in the bath and prepare some chocolate-dipped strawberries to nibble on throughout the day. Create a calming playlist of instrumental tracks and include some of your favourite love songs to ramp up the romance.

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3. Luxurious products

Create a hamper of gorgeous luxury bath products that you can use during the spa day, including a body scrub, cleansing massage oil, face packs and creamy bath bombs. Your loved one can continue to use the hamper throughout the year which will remind them of the romantic day you spent together for Valentines.

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4. What to wear

Spas feel so luxurious because they have plenty of big fluffy towels , white dressing gowns and cosy slippers to relax in between treatments so recreate this at home by fluffing up your towels in the tumble dryer with some dryer balls and hang them on a freestanding heated towel rail ready for use. Treat your Valentine to a soft new dressing gown, and buy a couple of pairs of towelling slippers to pop in the product hamper to complete the spa effect.

The effort you put into all these preparations will show your loved one just how much you care for them and will create a relaxing treat for you both. A couple of hours spent in your homemade romantic spa will do wonders for your mind and body, energize you both, and will kick-start an enjoyable romantic weekend for you and your special someone.