How To Create The Perfect Wet Room

Having a wet room in your home is the perfect way to add some luxury, functionality and hotel inspired style to your bathroom. However, completely turning your bathroom into a wet room, or even updating your current one can be costly. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to avoid breaking the bank while still creating the wet room of your dreams.


Wet Room Ideas:

Purchase Luxury accessories

Search for bathroom accessories that can change the look of your wet room dramatically without anyone having to take things apart or spending lots of money. These could include a new shower curtain, luxury bath sheets, a rug or even just a flower in a vase. A few small changes with accessories may be all you need to create a whole new wetroom.

Paint the Walls

Paint is your best friend. Just by adding a splash of colour, or even neutralising the tones in your wet room, you create an instantly updated and refreshed look. If this is the only thing you do, you will still notice a huge difference.


Choose The Right Shower Enclosure

Not rushing into anything is honestly one of our best tips. You need to plan what you’re doing, and know you will love it. The shower enclosure in a wetroom is the main attraction, so you need to make sure you choose the right style and size to suit your bathroom. You can purchase cheap shower enclosures from just £96, so they are available to anyone with any budget.


Change the Shower Head

You can buy a rainfall or massage shower head and other functional styles to give your bathroom a spa look. They will also ultimately improve your shower experience. This is often an easy task, so you can literally update your shower in minutes.

Look for the Best Price for Vanities

At Bella Bathrooms we’re all about providing you with the best products, at the best price. So we offer a wide range of bathroom sink units in all sizes and colours so you’re bound to find one to fit your needs. Establish the size of the vanity unit you would like. This is dependent on the size of your bathroom, and amount of items that need to be stored.

wet room

Mix Up Tiles

If you’re planning on tiling a large area of your wetroom, you can use more affordable tiles for the majority of work, and use Laura Ashley tiles for accents and center pieces. This will save you money, and allow the luxury tiles to stand out and create impact.

A New Mirror

There are so many styles of mirror available for your wet room. If you’re going for a modern wetroom you can even get mirrors with music, LED lighting and heating systems installed. And chic more round mirrors are also available if modern isn’t the look you want. They create the illusion of a bigger wet room too, so you can create the feeling of more space without the cost.


We hope you find these tips helpful and be sure to check out our other How To Guides. Try how to paint an old vanity unit or come and say hi on Twitter & Facebook.