Damixa Arc Tap Series

Damixa Taps: Arc Series

The Damixa Tap range from the the prestigious Danish company Damixa brings a whole new generation of Bathroom Taps. Damixa Taps are a stylish accessory for your bathroom and will bring modern flair to your space. The Arc Series is no exception when it comes to a unique design. You will be amazed at how simply updating your taps can have a big impact on the overall design of your room. These contemporary taps will bring any bathroom or cloakroom instantly up to date.

Damixa Taps: Designs

The Damixa Arc Tap Series has won 2 awards for its innovative design and functionality. With the Infinite Joystick Spout Movement, the water flow possibilities are endless. These Damixa taps are available in red, black and white depending on your personal preference. The aesthetics of this design are striking and bring a whole new idea to tap designs. The Arc Range offers some truly great features, including and anti-scald feature. They also feature an Eco-Klik function to provides an optional physical resistance to save water. A lot of the Damixa Taps now feature X-Change Technology. This consists of a base to quickly change over your tap design rather than altering your entire bathroom. It applies to the Arc Range especially, as it comes in 3 different colours. This will give the tap a whole different look immediately. These premium quality taps use high pressure systems which are regulated to 8 litres per minute by a hidden regulator. Therefore they aren't suitable for gravity fed systems.

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