Definitive Guide to Bathroom Electrical Essentials

Whether you’re into chic and contemporary or timeless and traditional, modern day bathrooms can now be equipped with a range of electrical supplies that make the space more efficient than ever before. To help you choose the right electrical supplies for your bathroom, we’ve come up with this useful guide that covers all the essentials!

Electrical Essentials Guide

Intelligent Mirrors

Backlit Sensor MirrorHave you ever stepped out of the shower, only to be greeted with a foggy mirror that makes applying makeup or doing your hair practically impossible? A heated mirror is the ideal solution to this wide felt issue, ensuring that your reflection stays crystal clear, no matter how steamy your shower! Backlit mirrors and LED lighting are also a fantastic option for those looking for the ultimate in bathroom illumination. You can even choose bathroom mirrors with motion sensors to control this lighting to give a truly luxurious feeling.

Heated towel rails

Chrome Reina RailIf you want warm fluffy towels and a perfect bathroom temperature, an electric towel rail is an absolute must have. Available in a range of different designs and sizes, there is something to suit every bathroom suite. From the regular ladder style rails to more lavish designer styles that will really create a wow factor in your bathroom we have a varied range of electric towel rails. This heat source can be a welcome addition to any sized bathroom space due to it's wall hung design.

Radio music systems

Sound SystemsThanks to today’s modern technological advancements, you can now bathe and shower to the sounds of your favourite radio station! Whether you’re catching up with the morning news broadcast, relaxing to classical symphonies in the tub or blasting Saturday night party anthems, a specially designed wall mounted radio music system is a fun feature to incorporate into any bathroom. It is now even possible to get your hands on small waterproof speakers which can be used inside the shower. We have a good range of radio/music systems to help you set the perfect mood for your bathroom time!

Bathroom extractor fans

Bathroom Extractor FansAs well as ventilating air, removing dampness and repelling odours, bathroom extractor fans can also be used as a source of ambient light. With models now available in high sheen chrome finishes and trendy designs, they are a great way to keep your bathroom feeling fresh and fashionable. We have an extensive range of bathroom extractor fans that feature both wall mounted or ceiling mounted versions.

Shaver sockets

Shaver SocketsWhy compromise on safety when you can install a specially made shaver socket/electric toothbrush plug featuring a low current and isolated transformer which helps protect users against electric shocks? Available in chrome, brushed chrome and white plastic, a shaver socket is a bathroom essential for anyone using an electric shaver or toothbrush. These shaver sockets ensure that your bathroom is the functional place you require it to be.

Dimmer switches

Dimmer SwitchAs well as being practical, bathrooms also double as tranquil havens that are used to relax and unwind. Ambient lighting plays a key role in creating a serene mood and can be easily achieved by installing a dimmer switch. This switch gives you the flexibility to soften the lighting or increase the brightness to a single light source. These switches are incredibly easy to fit and are available in a variety of different styles to suit all décor.

Pull Chords

Chord PullIf your bathroom features a traditional pull chord switch, why not give it a modern day makeover with a stylish white or chrome design that complements the rest of your fixtures and fittings? Available with interchangeable covers, they even allow you to customise your bathroom as you please! Keeping any additional accessories such as pull chords to the theme of your bathroom can help you to create a coherent look for the entire space.

By installing these electrical essentials, you have the power to transform your bathroom into a wonderfully modern space that is both functional and stylish.