Designer Bathrooms on a Budget

Designer Bathrooms on a Budget

With the recession officially a thing of the past, many homeowners are beginning to loosen the purse strings and roll up their sleeves to get stuck into renovations that have been put off when finances were stretched.

According to The Visa UK Expenditure Index for April 2014, there was a 0.5% increase in consumer spending in March compared with the previous year and a 2.9% year-on-year increase in April. The Index reported the biggest increase in household spending in four years, suggesting many households are keen to get down to business when it comes to home improvements and DIY.

In 2010, a study by LV= found that adding a new bathroom added an average of 2.2% to the price of a home – making it a more affordable option than a new kitchen but one still proven to increase property values.

While recently relaxed budgets may not permit a complete overhaul and marble everything, it is possible to create a designer bathroom on a more modest budget. We have several helpful hints and tips to ensure that you can have the bathroom of your dreams without having to spend a fortune. Try adopting a few simple changes and witness what a dramatic impact they can have.

Faux Finishing

Bathrooms are the ideal place to allow your imagination and creative instincts to run rampant. Fortunately, decorating is one way in which you can have a big impact for a small spend if you consider alternatives to more usual, costly options. If you or any of your family and friends are of an artistic mind for example, you can frame their artwork or create your own instead of investing in a pricey professional piece. If you can happily turn your hand to painting or decorating, you can easily add texture to a space and introduce a sense of luxury by making a stencil and adding a designed-esque quote or emblem to the walls.

Invest in staple fixtures

Look out for sales and snap up fixtures that compliment your bathroom. Edwardian taps and concealed showerheads can really boost the atmosphere and style in your bathroom, bringing it from the past directly into the 21st century. A chic, shiny new fixture can really enliven and brighten the space.

Place accessories to give character

Accessorising is about emphasising the better qualities of your bathroom and also divulging some of its personality and character. Chairs, stands, tables, vases, flowers, pictures, small statues, mosaic tiles, tapestries and plants can all add a wonderful touch. Even the towels you hang can do a great job doubling as decorations. Just be careful not to overcompensate and use too many at once. Remember – less is more!

Make use of shelves

Cramped alcove spaces or otherwise uninteresting walls can be used to create space for shelving which can then be used to store items that add personality and style to a room. Products, candles, plants, books, oils and knickknacks can all be used to make a chic space.

Don’t be afraid of colour but choose wisely

A great way to quickly revamp a bathroom suite and create a seamless sensation from door to shower to bath is to add colour. Paint your bath, shelves or mirror frame, being careful to choose colours that allude to luxury such as rich plums or understated gold. Neutral and earthy tones also generally work well. If you want to create something that is very modern in feel but still has a couture edge, check out the Pantone colour trends report, which draws inspiration from the likes of New York Fashion Week to pick the hottest hues of the season and suggest fashionable pairings.

Try tile stickers

Repainting or tiling can be costly but tile stickers are a great way to apply an attractive image or pattern to your wall and revamp in an inexpensive manner.

Be choosy with your mirror

Bathroom mirrors can be such an elegant, glamorous and luxurious addition to a room and many are very inexpensive. You can easily experiment with frames and utilise the light in the space to brighten a room and create the sense of space.

Try implementing a few of these tried and tested tips. We guarantee you will see fast, desirable results!